This is I Am A Ruby Platinum Classifieds. It is Free, all you have to do is sign up, go to classifieds, you can post immediately. You can post for your ministry, non-profit, church, business, flyers, radio, events, vehicles, items for sale, real estate, community, job listings, books/magazine, blogs, homes/apartments for rent, real estate, pets, services, and much more. You can get started now, by leaving your post as a comment, and go from there. You can also leave the picture classified as well. If you would like to be featured on the front page inbox me. Each time you post a classified, we will feature it, and share it on all of our social media outlets, magazine, newsletters, radio show, and announcements. Also, we have an events link at the top of the network, where you can post business, events, and much more, and it will be your personal website link. Share this information with everyone you know, and let them know I Am A Ruby, have free classifieds. Let's spread the word, we are social media with power and motivation.

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