Father God in Jesus We come to right now laying down every weight at the alter, and casting aside every heaviness in Jesus. Oh God, it is written in your word Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything, lay our petitions before you; and the peace of God which passes understanding will guard our heart(Philp 4:6-7). Lord, we will trust in you oh God with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding and acknowledge you in all of our ways, so you can direct our paths in Jesus. 

Lord of Hosts you said, come to you all who are weary and laden and carry heavy burdens, and you will give us rest in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank you for VICTORY NOW, we thank you for success now over the enemy, over every situation in Jesus. I speak thy KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN OVER OUR LIVES JESUS.

God that you will answer every prayer request that is on this wall EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE CAN ASK OR THINK, ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS WORKING IN US. We thank you now, and we know it is already done this we DECREE AND DECLARE AND IT IS ESTABLISH IN JESUS. Not one WORD will fall to the ground, it is SO Ne'Eman.

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  • Lord I feel like I have lost my way, but father i pray that you will help me find it again speak to me father and remind and let me know of your great wisdom and knowledge Lord in Jesus Ne'eman 

  • Lord Im Praying on today that MY FOCUS HAVE FOCUS MY HEARING OF YOUR VOICE LOUDER I Pray MY STUDY HOUR Have more Peace WHEN ITS TIMe UNDISTURB. LORD HELP ME TO WAIT PATIENTLY and REMEMber in my waiting to be watchful to be active and to ideological and to be Truthful as my OVERSEER share with us all. LORD i need your HELP AND HAND IN EVERYTHING! BE WITH YOUR PRophETESS NE"EMAN

    • Ne'Eman, we are in total agreement with you Prophetess Domonique Smith of your request. May the Lord do for you just as you have spoken. As it is Desired, so shall it be in Jesus. Abba-Ben Ruach Ha'Kadesh in Jesus Ne'Eman.

      Domonique Smith
      I Am A Ruby Network is a Nonprofit 501c3 Transforming community that equips and empowers Men and Women in their Purpose, Dreams, and Destiny
      • thank you for being in agreement with me

  • Lord God on today I'm praying that you will restore and uplift and heal and comfort each and every person that is dealing with a sickness or lost in the family God be with them right now in Jesus, Lord rap your loving arms around them and father bind your love and peace, and happiness and comfort and fully heal into them right now Jesus father God you are the God that there is nothing impossible for you O God so keep each and everyone of them covered in you Jesus and thank you Lord in Jesus Ne'eman 

    • Bless you Evangelist

  • Praying for strength and healing for everyone in need I ask that my mom be uplifted as well...i dont desire to speak exactly whats going on with her just to keep her uplifted in her body as we head to her appointment on today. We know God is a Healer we know God is a way maker. We will believe the report of the Lord. I pray for My Healing as well. And my grandparents. I pray everything will go as God called it to in Jesus Ne'eman

  • Lord God I'm praying for our young people today Lord God stretch out your righteous hand and touch every young person right now Lord, cover them in your blood o God because there is no other safe place Abba Father, be a fence all around them everyday, surround your guardian Angel's around them Lord and cast out every evil spirit and ungodly thing that is not like you o God and lead them in the way of everlasting life in Jesus Ne'eman 

    • Ne'Eman, we are in agreement with you Evangelist Precious and it is done just as you has Proclaim in Jesus. Not one word is falling to the ground

  •  Lord I'm praying on today that you would cover every child that is going to school today cover them in your blood right now Jesus and be a shield of protection around them where ever they go and help them make it safe to school and back home again and keep every no name spirit far away from your children God in Jesus Ne'eman 

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