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Thirty Days of Sayings from Wisdom by (King Solomon: Prov 22: 23-29)

Thirty Days of Sayings from Wisdom by (King Solomon: saying 3-6)

Proverbs 22:24-29New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

Saying 3

24 Don’t be a friend of a person who has a bad temper.
    Don’t go around with a person who gets angry easily.
25 You might learn their habits.
    And then you will be trapped by them.

Saying 4

26 Don’t agree to pay for what someone else owes.
    And don’t agree to pay their bills for them.
27 If you don’t have the money to pay,
    your bed will be taken right out from under you!

Saying 5

28 Don’t move old boundary stones
    set up by your people of long ago.

Saying 6

29 Do you see someone who does good work?
    That person will serve kings.
    That person won’t serve officials of lower rank.

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