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If you feel that God is speaking a message-or- word to you but you are not really sure if it is from God here are some good questions to ask your self about the message.

1)     Does it line up with the Holy Bible, the written scriptures?

2)     Does it lead you into a closer relationship with God, a greater unity with Him?

3)     Does it lead you into expressing love, which is putting God’s benefit and the benefit of others before your own benefit?

4)     Does it lead to a dying of yourself and a greater manifestation of Christ life in you?

5)     Does it cause greater humility in you, and a greater dependence upon God?

6)     Does it cause greater love, joy, and peace from God in you?

7)     Does it grow your faith, and confidence in God Spirit in your life.

1 (John 15:-vs-16)  Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

2 (Luke 12:-vs-47-49)  "And that servant who knew his master's will, and did not prepare himself or do according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. {48} "But he who did not know, yet committed things deserving of stripes, shall be beaten with few. For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more. {49} "I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!

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Yes Shaloria, I can relate it use to bother me as well. When individuals say they hear from God, and still do not know scripture or follow scripture. I know as myself God use to convict and tell me you know my word, you know my decrees and commands and yet you are being stiff necked. I use to wail and it use to be such a great hurt inside of me from not obeying hos word. God had to allow me as well, to experience the wilderness therefore, I will learn to trust, depend, completely in him. What do you think the body of Christ can do to change their disobedience to the word of God?

Shaloria Michaela Mitchell said:

Pastor Teyshana, I use to think I was so weird and it was so wrong for me to have feelings toward people who didn't relate to scripture when, saying they hear from god, or totally do the opposite of what God is saying. I kept telling myself, I should not saying about it but it is such a strong conviction when you don't. even with myself miss the mark at times, or allowing someone to tell me that I did. God put me alone for a reason away in the wilderness to make me know that I don't ever need to doubt myself in hearing from God. Now being put in this condition. I have no other choice but to hear his voice and depend on his words. wont he do it.

These questions will definitely help in settling the matter. We can't always rely on what we feel... it would serve us well to make sure we can try it by measuring it up to the standard set by these 7 questions. 

There are a few times that I can remember when someone has given me a "word from God". I'm quick NOT to question people if they say it's from God, but here lately, I've been having to wonder. I try not to ever "pre" judge people, but I do judge... by God's word and the standard that He set for us to attain to.

Sometimes we have to go through trials and tribulations in order to learn we need to totally depend upon God and God alone, we need to be still, be quite and listen to his directions.  We need to line up with the word.....

Amen so true Kira, it is through the test, trials and tribulations is how we have such a powerful ministry..


Sometimes we have to go through trials and tribulations in order to learn we need to totally depend upon God and God alone, we need to be still, be quite and listen to his directions.  We need to line up with the word.....

This list truly sums it up. We have to try the spirit by the spirit. And know that the spirit bears witness. 1 John 5:6. I had to literally ask God to cover me when some people spoke into my life and what they said totally did not sit right in my spirit. Discernment is so important! God will definitely not give you anything that's contrary to his word.

This is a important example of God word and how he want us to reply it to our life. Don't second guess yourself if he said it that is what it is.

Pastor teyshana, I was not sure if I was hearing from God. Than what I thought I heard, happened just the way I thought I heard it. I had to learn to slow down I was moving and going too much. I had to learn to be still to hear from God. I realized that it was lining up with the word of God and the devil wont tell you anything positive. But the voice of God is a still quiet voice but it can be as poweful as a lion. He also uses tv shows, signs,ads, as well as other things to speak to you. I watched the lion king with my son and He used that movie to speak to me as well as man of steel. Our God is so awesome.

I hear God. But In time pass i would hesitate on doing with he told me to do. A Check list to know who is talking to you. Loving this class. It's just like being made over.sing Lord make me over.

I am in total agreement with this list. God truly speaks through His word and what ever He says will line up with his word. I have a problem even today concerning going to church for prayer in a prayer line unless I truly know the person who is praying over me and my family. Many times as a young child  I would go up for prayer  and someone would lay hands on me to pray for me or prophesy to me and I would hear a small voice saying "not so" as I became older I would listen to the voice of God  telling me whether to go are to stay in my seat. One time he said don'y let everyone touch you. I thought why not. God said I didn't call them, anoint are appoint them, they have the wrong spirits. He said try the spirit and see if it is of God. The spirit knows the spirit. That's why I didn't send my children to church I took them so I could see what was being said and who was praying over my children. This list is truly the way to try the spirit every spirit in the church is not of God and is not being used by God to pray are lay hand on God's people. Be careful with your children.

Thank you Pastor Teyshana.  Gods presence and his gift has indeed given me the needed purpose of life. Hearing God speak has positively lead me to a closer relationship with God, and a much greater unity.

he took no thought nor care about doing it; there is no preparation, readiness, nor disposition, in a natural man, to the will of God: no man is prepared or ready to do it, but he that is regenerated, or is made a new creature; who has the laws of God written on his heart, and who has the Spirit of God put within him, to cause him to keep them; and who has faith in Christ, and strength from him to observe them; but there may be knowledge, where such a preparation is wanting; persons may know much, and profess to know more, and in works deny all, and be to every good work, unfit, disobedient, and reprobate.

and here it signifies, that persons who have light and knowledge, and the means thereof, and act not according to them, shall be punished with the greatest severity, and endure the greatest degree of torments in hell;

I pray that God gives me the knowledge to preach his word, not just emotion but the word instilled in me.


These are awesome ways to measure if the Word you received was from God. Theses steps could save you many headaches.
I totally 100% agree with the 7 ways to understanding if God is speaking to you. The one that spoke the loudest to me is #3. I say YES & AMEN to what Mother Shirley said. I agree with Gail Weeks. And Jennifer Scott I can totally relate. God been speaking to me all my life that I can remember. At first I didn't know it was him. My mom would always tell me "Freda your mouth is going to get you into a world of trouble". I would speak things that didn't happen yet or say things that i didn't know happened but the others around me would know and wonder how i knew. I had no clue. I remember asking God questions and him giving me the answers. I would be so excited and go share it. And this when i started understanding what my mother what saying. Now that i have some understanding, i apply the word we shared on last week about being wise as a serpent and humble as a dove. I don't run and tell everything i hear/see.
Any ways I enjoyed this read.

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