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Say this with Gratitude every day and watch your life Transform: God is my daily source energy, and my energy daily source is God. God is my best friend, and my best friend is God. God is forgiving, and my forgiving other's is to Obtain Healing from God. God is the Astonishing Power in the universe, and my Power in the universe is God. God is my cheerleader, and I am a cheerleader for God. God is my most effective tool, I could ever use, and I can use him to fix everything. God is my life, and my life is God, and my life is Good. God is Love, and my love is God. God loves me(my everything)and I love God creations. God is my Health, and my Health is of God. God is my strength, and my strength is of God. God is focused on me, and I focus on God. God ministers to me, and I am ministering to God. God talks to me, and my talk is God. God is all the way UP( Unlimited Power) and I am all the way UP(Unlimited Prosperity) with God.
God is WIFI (Winning Is Favor Increase), and my WIFI is connected to God.
God is Worship, and I am Worshipping God. I am Obtaining the prize and blessings from Worship, which is God.
God devotes himself to me, and I am devoted to God. God is my Wealth, and my Wealth is of God. God is Peace, and my Peace is God. God is Wisdom, my Wisdom is of God. God is giving, and my giving is for God. God is delightful, and my delight is in God. God is Desires, and my Desires is from God. God is in me, and I Am one with God. God is everything I dream of, and my dreams are coming true because of God.
Meditate on(Ps 37).
May you all have a Wonderful Wisdominion Compels Wealthlistic Transfers Winners day on Purpose Agape~
#IAmARuby #GodInMeRealm #NewvemberBlessings

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