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I am A Ruby Magazine Feature of the Week, 1st Lady Paulette Harper- Johnson-10-12-12....

I Am A Ruby Feature of the Week, 1st Lady Paulette Harper- Johnson.


Paulette Harper Johnson Ministries

Encouraging Women to Walk Completely Whole


Paulette Harper Johnson, an award winning author, writing coach, and speaker, seeks to inspire women from all walks of life.  As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women.

Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother, Bible teacher, radio host, writer and the owner of WNL Virtual Blog Tours. She has been mentoring and teaching women for years though seminars, workshops and conferences. Paulette Harper Johnson serves in ministry as an Elder with her husband Sr. Pastor Tony E. Johnson at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton and North Port FL.

Ministry Book website: www.pauletteharper.com

For coaching services: http://www.coachpauletteharper.blogspot.com

  • Author
  • Empowerment Speaker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Coach
  • Minister- Bible Teacher

Ministry Topics

 Completely Whole: Many women are hurting and unable to break through from depression, pain, and bitterness. Countless women are held in bondage from past hurts. Paulette is no stranger to despair and heartache. In this seminar, Paulette will share about her battle with depression and unforgiveness. Through her story, Paulette shows you how to

  • Walk in forgiveness
  • Let go of the past
  • Embrace the changes of life

Transition to Position:  How can I be restored? This is the cry of some across our nations. God’s leading ladies (pastor wives and ministers) have not fully recovered or healed from divorce, death of a spouse, or loss of a ministry. Paulette is no stranger to divorce and the loss of a ministry. In this seminar, Paulette will share her battle with suicide, lack of self-worth, and rejection. Paulette will stir your hearts to pursue purpose in the midst of pain. By embracing the changes of life, Paulette will show you how to

  • Remove the Mask: How do I really feel?
  • Identify Strongholds: Facing Goliath
  • Handle the transition

Matters of the Heart: Is That Really Me, God? Have I put other things on the throne of my heart? Have I gone through so much in life that my heart is now callous, hard, and brittle? Life can be overwhelming, especially when we have been crushed, scared, and broken; and yet some of us pretend like all is well. God has so much more for us if we only allow Him to shine the light of His word in our hearts.

Paulette takes an approach that will offer you help and show you that God is able to exchange the pain for pleasure and sorrow for joy as you experience the God who heals broken hearts. In this seminar, Paulette will show you how to

  • Identify those self-destructive areas that hold us back
  • Admit where we are
  • Embrace the truth, even when it hurts

 Paulette can also customize a topic for your specific needs. She is available for seminars, conferences, retreats, and luncheons, and would love to assist you with your next women’s event.


She travels from North Port, Florida. For more information, contact:

Word of Faith Worship Center

PO Box 21017

Bradenton, FL 34204

Elder, Paulette Harper Johnson


www.pauletteharper.com   info@pauletteharper.com     (925) 698-6903..............



Check out the live interview on I am Royalty radio show. That this WOG encourages men and women all over the Globe.

1st Lady Paulette Harper- Johnson I Am A Ruby, is excited about featuring you on the front cover of this wealthy magazine.

May God grant all your prayer request and make all your plans succeed and prosper. May men and women be effected by the anointing that is over your life. Keep doing what you are doing it is needed in this world. You are making a difference in the nations.

Be bless WOG, Agape, Founder Pastor Teyshana Wiley....



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