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For the next 7 days, I am praying over our youth, children, and young adults. If you want to be in agreement with me for our children, comment on this prayer. I Cast out all brujeria witchcraft, sorcery, demonic forces, phantom, anarchy, doom, destruction, demonic relics, and unscriptural prayers in the name of Jesus. All yokes,oxen, shackle, cord, habits, addiction, chains, and cycles are destroyed, and loosed now in the name of Jesus.I cast out imprisionment, suicide,murder homicide, death, premature death, sudden death, silent killers, drug overdose, diseases, depression, fighting,gossip, anger, rejection,envy, abandonment, disappointments, neglect, fatherless, motherless, hurt, pain, abuse of all kinds and format, rage, wrath, tyranny, lusts of the mind, and flesh in the name of Jesus.I send it all to the dry places in the name of Jesus. No weapon form against our children shall prosper in the name of Jesus.The Lord alone is our children refuge, and place of safety in him we have faith in him now to HEAL them suddenly. I Command by Faith the blood of Jesus over our children from the crown of their heads, to the soul of their feet. I Command, Decree, and Prophesy over our youth from the age 12-26 years old, our children will be ignited for revival in their spirits in the name of Jesus.Lord, especially touch the young men now, they will not be a target for spiritual assassins, I cast out all demonic bounty hunters, herod,and pharaoh demonic ancient spirit, that tries to throw them into the crocodiles, and sabotage their purpose, destiny and lives in the name of Jesus. They will LIVE(Live in Victory Everyday), and share all the wonderful things you have done for them in the name of Jesus.Touch our young women now, raise them up to the Queens you have chosen them to be. Allow them to know their self-worth, and value. Help them oh God, to walk in confidence, and love themselves, just the way they are. All of our children are fearfully and wonderfully made. I cast out all low self-esteem loneliness, lack of identity, and decay off their lives in the name of Jesus. Lord, come to their rooms on tonight, and call them by name like you did the Prophet Samuel. Raises up Queens to be a blessing to their generation, and people like Queen Esther. Give them the revelations, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding like you did with the Prophet Daniel. Arise up leaders just like you did with King Josiah. Allow 2016 Deborah's to rise up and lead a army into victory. Allow them to be warriors and conquerors in the spirit just like King David. Allow them to worship you,in spirit and truth. Allow them to inherit the land just like Joshua, and Caleb.I Command every Angelic Angel to watch over our children, and keep them as the apple of your eye Oh God. We know you are visiting some of them in their sleep now, like you did King Solomon. Not one word will fall to the ground, and we shall suddenly see a quick change in our children in Jesus name. The Apostolic Anointing is releasing a Ripple Effet in the Earth now. It is DONE, Amen. Now WATCH what God is about to do for our children lives, my God. Whoooh Jesus Hallelujah!!!

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Blessings Prophetess Benetta, how are you doing on this Tremendously Blessed Terrific Tuesday?

Prophetess Benetta Nealy said:

I am in agreement with you Apostle. The enemy thinks if he can kill the seed that there will be no harvest. I am praying for mines and all children all over the world. I am praying for the strength for their families, wisdom to say the right thing, love to give to them and patience to have long-suffering with them. I thank you Apostle for this powerful prayer. I shall read it daily. 

I Stand In Agreement With Chief Apostle...because our Youth need for us to be the Example...and lead them the right way.  I will Pray this Prayer for all the Youth.  

Amen, bless you Pastor Robin, and Apostle Antionette. It is DONE for our children and grandchildren in Jesus name Hallelujah 

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