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Jehovah-Nissi, come and dwell among us and raise your banner over us.  Precede us in battle as you overshadow us with your banner to confuse the no name in his defeat.  We praise you for the battle won.  Let our spiritual sight and our ear hearing drum receive healing in Jesus name.  Holy Spirit, rain on us now, in the name of Jesus.  Holy Spirit uncover our darkest secrets, in the name of Jesus.  You spirit of confusion, loose your hold over our lives, in Jeasus name.  In the power of the Holy Spirit, we defy the no names power, in the name of Jersus.  Holy Spirit pour your healing power on us, in the name of Jesus.  Let the water of life flush out every unwanted stranger in our life, in Jesus name.  You enemies of the gospel in our lives be paralyzed, in the name of Jesus.  O Lord began to clean away from our lives all that does not reflect you.  Lord Jesus nail us to your cross.  We reject every spiritual pollution, in the name of Jesus.  Lord Jesus, break us, melt us, mold us, fill us, and use us by the power of your spirit.  O Lord we loose ourselves in you.  Holy Spirit fire , ignite us to the glory of God, in Jesus name.  O Lord let the anointing of the Holy Spirit break every yoke of backwardness in our lives.  Let our spirit-man become divine fire, in the name of Jesus.  We frustrate every  demonic arrest   over our spirit –man, in Jesus name.  Let the blood of Jesus remove any retrogressive lable from every area of our lives, in the name of Jesus.  All ant-decrees be revoked, in the name of Jesus.  Holy Ghost fire destroy every satanic garment in our lives, in the name of Jesus.  O Lord give unto us the key to good success  so that anywhere we go, the doors of prosperity will be open to us.  Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the Kingdom of power and glory.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen, Aman, Amen.



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