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Father God, we come before you with thanksgiving and humbleness. O' Lord, we ask for forgiveness for anything we have said or done that wasn't pleasing in your eyesight and went against your Word. We thank you for your Grace, Mercy and true Agape Love on today. We continue to Pray for our CEO/Founder/Queen Chief Apostle Teyshana and her family on today in the name of Jesus. We thank you for healing her mom and her supernaturally in the Name of Jesus. We thank you for their powerful blessimony they will share about how you healed their bodies in the Name of Jesus. We continue to Plead the precious Blood of Jesus all over their lives and everyone connected to them in the Name of Jesus. We thank you for our Overseer Apostle Bishop Claudia. Thank you for what you are doing in her life and we plead the precious Blood of Jesus all over her life in the Name of Jesus. We thank you that no weapon formed against them didn't prosper and that what the enemy meant for their bad, you turned it around and it worked in their favor, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for allowing us to Pray for all of our Leadershifters in I Am A Ruby and across the world. We pray for Pastor Enoc and I Am A Ruby Africa as they are Consecrating, Praying and Fasting for 21 days. We thank you that you have eliminated anything and everything that the no name tries to attempt to hinder this corporate Fasting, in the Name of Jesus. We rebuke any whiplash, backlash, Orion, withcraft, ancient curses, evil spirits, generational curses, silent killers, premature death, asthma attacks, mental issues and anything else the no name attempts to the 10th generation. We thank you Jesus and we seal this prayer in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

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Amen, HalleluYAH bless you Pastor Syanika for this Powerful prayer. Not one word will fall to the ground in Jesus name

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