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 I Decree and Declare for all Leaders, their families, and Marriages. I Prophesy Unity, Apostolic Breakthroughs in the Body of Christ to be ignited with FIRE. The prophetic increase in the land, and instant healing of sickness, diseases, naturally, spiritually in the name of Jesus. I Prophesy that leaders will arise, and walk in Increase with Apostolic miracles. Kingdom Manifestations.
Marriages will be restored, renewed, refresh, and revived. They will feel the Electricity from Heaven, as newlyweds. As Christ loves his bride. I Prophesy fresh Rhema/Logos like the MANNA from Heaven every day. I Command that Lands and property are to be released in the Earth Hemisphere now in the name of Jesus. Oh God, call forth the men to come into the kingdom, and take their rightful place in the Earth realm, to be the King, Prophet, Priest, Provider, Visionary, and protector in the name of Jesus. Lord, I Decree and Declare, the Holy Spirit to be poured out all over the earth realm, as it is done in Heaven. 
I pray that on today you begin to visit whoever is reading this and give them Wisdominion, knowledge, insight, intelligence, brilliance, and understanding just like you have done King Solomon. I Decree and Declare, that Abba Father, you withhold no good thing from your people. Lord, send an Angelic Visitation that the portals, hatchways, and landscapes of Heaven are open NOW, that the Angels Ascend and Descend from Heaven with, wealth, riches, spoils, and goods in their hands just like they did for Israel/Jacob in Jesus name.
Allow your GLORY to fall upon anyone who is an agreement with me on today, and who is connected and reading this prayer. It is written: burnt offeringWhen Solomon finished Worshiping, praying, and communicating with God(ELO-HIM) FIRE came down from heaven and burnt-offering and the sacrifices, and the GLORY and Presence of the Lord(Yahweh) filled the sanctuary. The priests could not enter the temple of the Lord because the glory of the Lord filled the whole sanctuary up(2 Chron 7:1-2 PKDB) These words will not fall to the ground, because It is Written, and the Lord(Yahweh-Yireh) approves this message in Jesus name Amen, it is DONE~ P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB) on Pg 33 of the PKDB inbox me for your free eBook copy. #IAmARuby#PropelKingdomDimensionBible

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