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“To Be The Truth, One first Must Know The Truth”
The Beginning
The original God-Men of the Nile, Kemetians, Canaanites, Hittites and
Moabites were the world’s first Astronomers. They recorded the exact timing
and beginning of the four seasons within a calendar year. “Solstice”,
pronounced sahl stihs, is one of the two periods during the year when the sun
is either its northernmost or southernmost position. The winter solstice occurs
between December 21st and 25th, marking the first day of winter, a day with the
fewest moments of daylight all year. The commemorating of this equinox by
the ancient Africans was the first significant observation of December 25th.
Today, the celebrated holiday known as Christmas, or Christ’s Mass, having been transformed
from the science of astronomy to heathenism, will actually find its roots in east Amexem (first
true and divine name of Africa) during ancient Babylon. Christmas is a pagan holiday, which
was first formed by Semiramis, the mother-wife of Nimrod. This became a holiday after
Semiramis indoctrinated it into the Babylonish government upon the death of Nimrod. Her
intentions were to preserve her husband-son as an infinite spiritual being in the eyes of all men.
The Birthday
Nimrod is the founder of organized competition and the separation of state and church
form of government. Known as “The Hunter”, the name Nimrod, in Hebrew means, “He
Rebelled”. After the great earthquake, he was the first to rebel against the laws of Allah and
establish man-ruled governments. Nimrod believed in competing so strongly that he even tried
to compete against the Father of the Universe. Surely, his profit-making economic system of
government reflects even unto this day. History shows he built the famed Tower of Babel in vain
defiance of the Great God’s will over the will of man. Needful to say, he failed very
uncommunicatively. Semiramis’ claim, after Nimrod’s burial, was that a full-grown evergreen
tree sprang forth from a dead tree stump, symbolizing the new life of Nimrod. She then
proclaimed, annually, upon his birth date, Nimrod’s spirit would leave gifts upon the evergreen
tree. Nimrod’s birth date? December 25th. This December 25th has a history dating back 3000
BC to Horus of Ancient Kemet. Then Persia’s Mithra of 1200 BC, Greece’s Attis of 1200 BC,
India’s Krishna of 900 BC and in 500 BC there was Dionysus of Greece. Strangely all of these
and others were of virgin births, crucified and resurrected on the third day after their deaths.
However, this never was the true birth date of Yehoshua, son of Joseph by Mary; nor does any
Holy Book support this political concept. The birth of Yehoshua, as these other great December
25th mystical births, actually is a reflection of “The Great Winter Solstice” because the date serves
as a symbol of the new life coming forth from the darkest day (longest night).

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