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I Am A Ruby Global Ministries Weekly Announcements: Blessings RPE: Apostle Teyshana is on sabbatical to take care of her Mother and Family. She thanks everyone for their continuous prayers and for respecting her privacy. Chief Apostle Teyshana will return on January 1, 2018. If you need anything, please contact Our head Mother Evangelist Pat, Apostle Trina and Pastor Syanika. Intercessory Prayer Team – Post up a prayer on our I Am A Ruby Network in the(prayer request wall-or-the prayer request group) or voice record in one of our FB Platinum Chambers. I Am A Ruby Global Ministries will be having Activation and Impartation On Thursday December 28, 2017 at 7PM EST. If you would like to be activated and imparted for 2018, Please call into our Platinum Ruby Radio Show at 657-383-1918. Sunday Worship Explosion Live Radio Broadcast and Watch-night services will be held at 11PM EST. Please call in at 657-383-1918. We look forward to ushering out 2017 with the Lord and ushering in 2018 with the Lord. Platinum Ruby High-If you would like to teach or help grade assignments, please let Apostle Teyshana know. Fear Part Two, freedom sessions, sponsored by Platinum Ruby University will start in the fall. We will give you more information at a later date. Are you ready to earn wealth, cash, and blessings all in the same moment? If so, Hands of Blessings is the place for you to work from home, and live the prosperous lifestyle you deserve. Are you ready to learn more about Wealth every single day? If so, check out Wealthlistic Triune Financial Classroom, it is our online newspaper classroom, where you can learn and obtain God's Promises, from the Heavens, and the Universe/earth Realm. You will obtain resources, information, Kingdom bequest, Heavenly endowment, mailbox blessings, Bonanza's, guaranteed settlement, secure Heritage, savings, grants, grant proposals writing, book authors, book publishing, professional writing, fundraisers, IIstocks, bonds, ETF, dividends, compounding, Entrepreneurship strategies, Angel Investors, Investors, crowdfunding, multiple assets of God's word and Kingdom Success. All Royal Platinum Ministerial Staff, do not forget that every week, in our classroom, there will be some teachings, articles, videos, and materials that will empower us all to better LeaderSHIFTER's in the Kingdom of God. Also, we will have a staff meeting either this week or the first week in Jan 2018. Merry Christ-Mas to all of you on today. Remember to celebrate the true meaning of Christ-mas. Happy Blessed and prosperous New Year too. Expect God to perform Ephesians 3:20 in your life and remember what Philippians 4:13 says in 2018. Go higher and deeper in God in 2018.

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