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May 1, 2017 Michael Powell was led to his death by some of his associates. They did not find his body until three days later May 3, 2017 at the bottom of the River and for some strange reason the guys involved never got charged.
The case was closed from the very beginning. The investigator told me, the reason he closed the case was because He wasn’t there at the time of Michael’s death and he questioned two of the guys who where there. This was his reasons for closing the case without a thorough investigation. We have not received the corners report as of yet but we did receive the police report from that investigator and the second time he questioned the guy who was in the water with my baby, the investigator asked him about an injury to my baby’s throat! The bloody clothes, the police failed to retrieve at the scene is a very strong indication of foul play. I demand Justice!!!!!!!!!!!! Please if you have not signed our petition google search Michael Powell Change.org

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