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It’s Time To Move Your Anchor….Again!!!


………… Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. Luke 5:4


The word for today is one of encouragement and congratulations.  For the Lord has said that it doesn’t matter who you are; if you’ve committed yourself to advancing your walk with him - you are to be commended.  You’ve successfully conquered all that the enemy has thrown upon you.  You’ve excelled on your current level and within your current dimension.  The time has now come for you to take your spiritual walk into your uncharted waters.  However, bear in mind that promotion is a double sided coin.  While we ascend to the highest plateau in one dimension; upon reaching the next, you are once again at the ground level. 


In the natural, we can usually realize our growth and know when we made the necessary accomplishments which are required for advancement.  However, far too often in the realm of the Spirit we don’t recognize the signs.   


As you continue to progress into this new season, move your anchor into deeper waters.  The deeper waters will produce those boisterous waves and the unpredictable undercurrents.   But you are now ready to ride out the waves and maintain your focus in the midst of every storm.   Navigating through the deep waters will prove to be very advantageous.   Launch out in the deep.  Stretch your faith!  One will never receive mountain moving faith or produce “a prison door releasing praise”, while routing a course through shallow waters.


Leaders! (and potential leaders) Don’t permit the spirit of passivity to become a comfort zone.  This spirit has begun to occupy the seats in our churches simply because WE are not moving our anchors. WE must continue to take the proper measures to advance ourselves, if we are to lead those whom have been untrusted to us, to the next level and the next dimension.


Consider this:

Have your church services become so “routine” that they fail to permit the move of the Holy Ghost?  

Then it's time to move your anchor!

Are souls no longer receiving the conviction of the Holy Ghost?  

Then it's time to move your anchor!

Are people coming in and leaving the services, still unbroken under the anointing of the Holy Ghost?  

Then it's time to move your anchor.


Lastly, the deep waters are not heavily populated.  Don’t become overly concerned about those who are not ready to accompany you.   Jehovah Shamah will alway (no “s”) and always be there!


1.   Seek the face of God in fasting and prayer for divine revelations, wisdom and power. 

2.   Then... Pick up your anchor.  Uproot and carefully weed out every hindering spirit.

3.   Launch out into the deeper waters. Move forward cautiously but not fearfully.

4.   Watch the manifestation of God’s promises become a part of your daily walk.


Saints! Move your anchor and allow God to prove himself faithful to you and the ministry.  (Even if you are not the Pastor or one of the ministry leaders – if you move your anchor and begin to launch your spiritual walk into deeper waters – you will glean the ability to greatly impact your entire church!)

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