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Where is God?


“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God……….”     Psalm 14:1



When we consider the word “heart” we can observe that it is composed of several smaller words.  To name a few we have: he, ear, art, and hear. 


1.     So that reminds me that there is an “ART” to way that God composed my heart.

2.      “HE” must always govern my “EAR” so that I will “HEAR” exactly what I should permit to enter my “HEART”.


So now … Where is God?  What place or position have I given to Him with regards to my heart?  What is flowing from my heart?  Do my actions imitate those which openly declare that there is no God?  Have I purposed in my heart to permit it to be governed by what I’ve heard from Him? 


Well,…. as I proceed throughout my day; my response to whatever I may encounter; will reflect the position of authority and obedience that God reserves within my heart.  I must daily ask myself, “Are my: attitude, disposition, reasonings, decisions, temperament, etc. controlled by a heart that may indicate to others “There is no God”?”


I must have an ear to hear the voice of the Lord so that I will have the ability to guard my

HEART.  Far too often we have permitted our own opinions or the opinions of those who we thought were leading us correctly, to clog our spiritual ears.  Therefore we have permitted our hearts to be governed by our own thoughts – and by what WE reasoned to be correct.  We’ve made foolish decisions; and usually repeated the some mistakes over and over.  


To advance to the position where I can operate from the plateau which is governed by the wisdom of God; I must hear and recognize His voice.  To hear His voice I must open the ears of my heart.  To recognize His voice I must know (understand) His Word and spend time in His presence. 


Again I ask the question, “Where is God”?  Prayerfully, at the end of each day; someone’s path that you’ve crossed will be able to say that they saw and/or sensed the presence of God flowing from within you. 


Why?...... Because you had an EAR to HEAR what HE was instructing you to do….And your actions have been motivated from a HEART which isn’t perfect yet ….. But …which is reflecting that ART of the perfected love of the Lord.

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