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You Are My Lord…. You Are My King 

“ ...Because you are my LORD, you are my glory.”

Jehovah Kabodhi”

(The Lord My Glory – Psalm 3:3)
“But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.”        Psalm 3:3


Read: Psalm 3 & Psalm 27


Today, I will affirm that through your power, Jehovah Kabodhi, I will always bring your glory, radiance, and splendor into every situation.  I affirm that you are the lifter of my head.   I also affirm that failure is never an option.  I have given to you the place of authority, and supreme “ruler-ship” in my life.  Therefore, as I permit my will, emotions, and thoughts to be further conformed into your image – I am becoming that vessel of honor; broken by your love; and completely covered by your shield of protection.


May I never, ever become so overwhelmed by the nonsense of the adversary, that I forget that no weapon he devises can prosper.  It is because of your place of lordship in my life, that you may delay but never deny me anything necessary for me to succeed.    As my shield, your power is both offensive and defensive.  May I always remember that as my Lord, it is through the sustaining power of your Holy Spirit, that you have sealed within me gifts and anointings that are being manifested in this season.   Lord, reveal to me every area where your lordship does not have the preeminent rule.  May I continually realize that in every area of my life where you are not Lord; I AM committing self-sabotage.  I AM opening the door; that I AM permitting an entrance for my enemies and I AM placing a break in your protective shield. 


May I never cease to honor, and uphold you as my true Lord over and in every situation.  May my mind never wander nor become double - minded….because you are my Lord.  May I daily cast down every vain imaginations and every high thing that attempts to exalt itself against your divine Lordship in my life.


Lastly, because you are my Lord, may I daily captivate and bring every thought attentive to your obedience. Since every action is preceded by a thought, if I permit you….. Through the Holy Spirit… to correct my thinking; I will receive a renewed mind.  I will then have the ability to establish your “Lordship” over my mind.  I will have a mindset that is governed by kingdom principles…. and my daily walk will reflect that which is worthy of your approval.


Thank you Lord that will never walk in fear because I am perpetually protected, triumphant and successful in my every endeavor!  You are my Lord…..you alone are God!



King of my life, I crown Thee now,
  Thine shall the glory be;
Lest I forget Thy thorn-crowned brow,
  Lead me to Calvary.

                                                                by Jennie Evelyn Hussey (1874-1958)

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