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Prophetess Domonique Smith posted a status
Blessings praying everyone have a better one today. Transferring good energy into your day God bless
18 hours ago
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
H.O.P.E“And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee.”  Psalm 39:7  I must always remember that:   God is committed; (via His promises) - TO me. He has made a covenant - WITH me.His love has provided a covering - FOR me. Therefore when I understand the word HOPE – I can affirm that I Am:.......   Holding on – Optimistically Pressing….Expecting! To further explain:H – Holding onI’m Affixing ….(with the tenacity and the grip of a mad bulldog); my every desire, concern and request to the alignment of God’s word.      “Therefore be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord”  I Corinthians 15:58O - OptimisticallyI’m remaining confident.  I’m refusing to permit fear, doubt and unbelief to intervene.  I’m not speaking any negative words… nor permitting anyone else to clutter my space with the same.“And this is the confidence that we have in Him….” I John 5:14P - PressingI’m pursuing; pushing through and against every obstacle that is attempting to cause me to…
23 hours ago
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
What Are You Attracting?“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32 About 20 years ago, I had heard about a young man who had an implant of a small magnet into his finger. Now, at that time this was a relatively rare occurrence.   He stated that this implant gives him the ability to feel electrical currents that are undetectable to the naked eye but ever present. He was very “intellectually savvy”  and attributes his ability to obtain superior knowledge to the energy which is produced from this implanted magnet. Of course, my mind immediately began to compare his implant with the “implant” that we who are believers in Christ have.  The more I heard about the details and effects of those magnetic implants that many people are getting – the more I began to relate them to OUR Spiritual “implant”. Since you, as a believer, have the Holy Spirit living and abiding – “implanted” within you – what are you permitting His power that dwells within you to…
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
 Unshackled!Moving From Fetters to Freedom Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand, To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishment on the peoples, To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron,   Psalm 149:6-8 There was a hymn entitled, “Jesus Breaks Every Fetter”.  Even though that song is rarely heard anymore, its implication hasn’t loss it validity.  When we bring to mind thoughts concerning the word “fetter”, we can correlate it to various obstacles that the enemy attaches to us to delay our progress in the Lord.   Whether they be: areas of sin or weaknesses in the flesh; the phenomena of life; or circumstances totally beyond our control; - a fetter is anything that is tied to me which restricts my mobility and/or my advancement.  There are those things that YOU have permitted to shackle; bind; chain and yoke themselves to you in the natural; therefore your effectiveness in the realm of the spirit is none…
I Am A Ruby Network posted a discussion
Apostle Paul handkerchiefs, and aprons
Acts 19:11-12
Names of God Bible
11 God worked unusual miracles through Paul. 12 People would take handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Paul’s skin to those who were sick. Their sicknesses would be cured, and evil spirits would leave them.
I Am A Ruby Network replied to I Am A Ruby Network's discussion New Updated Prayer Request Room 3.0
How are you doing on this Supersonic night 🌙?
We are in agreement 🤝 with you, and Yahweh-Rapha the Lord that heals, are there with your wife, you, and your entire family. 
May the peace that passes all understanding, guide your hearts, minds, soul, and spirit. 
It is done ✔️ and completed."
Jun 4
I Am A Ruby Network posted a discussion
I am so in love with my body, she is the most important person to ME/My Everything. I am doing whatever I need to do, to show her love, light, laughter, and liberty, to make her happy.
Thank you God, my Yahweh for blessing me with abundance of good health.
I am thankful the secret to my success is repetition, it is the elixir for my excellence and love for my entire life.
I am thankful Yahweh you are watching over your good word's concerning My life, and you are making sure they come true. Because it is Written(Jere 1:12).
I am blessed with happiness, and with Divine higher consciousness/righteous oh Yahweh. I am thankful your Unanimous Divine Favor surround me like a large shield 🛡 (PS 5:12)
I am Supersonically prosperous in every area of my life.
I have extraordinary good health, and wellness, I do. 
I am happy 😊, Healed, and healthy.
I am dynamically wealthy, humbled, and Opulent.
Jun 4
OJIEZELE GODWIN OKOSUN replied to I Am A Ruby Network's discussion New Updated Prayer Request Room 3.0
"My wife Rosemary Ojiezele had a fracture of bone on her left ankle through bike accident along with my two kids.The orthopedic Doctor  on Tuesday said after three months of treatment, asked us to do every test again CT scan test for the bone , the Doctor got the results and that her left kneel bone fracture is still not totally heal,that we should come for the surgery, that he will take us to another private hospital were the surgeon is that will carry out the surgery,and that we should get in touch with him when we raise the money for it.Please pray for the Doctors and his medical team that will carry out the surgery and the hospital and the instruments and the materials or items they want to used to hold or join the bone for the healing.Pray for God to meet our financial needs and to touch the heart of our love ones and God sent helpers that want to make things easy for us financially, that God should  Blessed and prosper them in every areas of their lives.Pray against every power…"
Jun 2
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Don’t Forget! Walk in Integrity …  And she made a vow, saying, “Lord Almighty, if you will,…… then I will …..”   I Samuel 1:11 The Bible has an array of illustrations regarding people who have asked the Lord for something in a time of distress or great demand; vowing to give Him something in exchange for His divine intervention into an adverse situation.  Far too often when we feel as though we are in a dire or a desperate situation; sensibility isn’t weighed – and…. If we don’t remain focused….. we will pledge to practically anything.  Then, when we begin to “see the light at the end of the tunnel…” we will realize the magnitude or the in-depth nature of the commitment.    That’s when some people begin to renege on their pledges. However we must realize that a vow is a vow; a pledge is a pledge.  We seem to forget that we serve an omniscient God who knows our every intent even prior to the thought entering into our minds!   God never, ever forgets His promises to us.  Whatever He has…
Jun 2
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Learn How To Employ The Word of GodAnd Nothing Shall Offend You!“Great peace have they which love thy law; and nothing shall offend them.” Psalm 119:165 Today’s verse for meditation was my dad’s (The Late Bishop John C. Hackney) favorite and life verse.  Many people would from time to time inquire of me if my Dad would every get angry – simply because of his calm and peaceful demeanor.  My answer was “yes”.  However in my opinion, his ability to apply this verse to every situation in life afforded him the ability to display the essence of the verse.So, as we consider is verse, we must realize that our ability to refrain from offended, reveals the level of maturity from which we operate.  The word offend in this verse refers to “stumbling block”.  Therefore, when I permit anything to cause me to stumble or to divert my focus from the Lord; I have not learned  to avail myself of His ever-abiding peace.  I have not learned to avoid walking in offense.The peace of God represents the…
Jun 1
I Am A Ruby Network posted a discussion
Proverbs 21:1
Names of God Bible
The Lord Controls Wise and Foolish People
21 The king’s heart is like streams of water.
    Both are under Yahweh’s control.
        He turns them in any direction he chooses.
Jun 1
I Am A Ruby Network posted a video
May 31
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Settle Your Spirit…. AndHave Patience in the HallwayRejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12 There are times when God has chosen to display His attribute of “silence”.  Now, although this character quality isn’t listed or written in any of the information concerning our Father; if you know Him to any extent; you can identify this as one of His traits! So, what have you personally learned from God’s silence?  I have discovered that when we are in the “hallway” God chooses to test our ability to find our way to the next room.   When one door is nailed shut…. And we are waiting for the next to open – we are in the “hallway”.    When we have difficult decisions to make and God is silent – we’re in the “hallway”.  When you’ve fasted, you’ve prayed and you’ve sown your seed for your need…. Yet God is silent…. You’re in the “hallway”…. Despite your cries and pleas….. God is STILL not saying a word!  And, the dilemma that intensifies our agony is the…
May 31
I Am A Ruby Network posted a discussion
Psalm 46:5

21st Century King James Version


5 God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, and that right early.
May 30
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Are You REALLY Walking As A Soldier Made to Endure?!!“So Let Us Not Be Weary….We Will Reap –If We Don’t Quit”“So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.”      Galatians 6:9       (The Message Bible)  Happy Memorial Day!  This day has been established here in America; to honor those who have sacrificed their lives on behalf of our country.  As soldiers, one of the key mindsets that must be developed is the mindset of endurance.   Through every circumstance, through every situation; they are taught and trained to endure.So it is with us – as soldiers in the Lord’s army.  Be encouraged!  Your journey may have been long and the nights sleepless.  However, just remember that God will always prove Himself to be faithful.  Whatever He has promised … it SHALL, and it MUST come to pass (Numbers 23:19). Endurance is the key at this stage of the game.   Change = Endurance.  The more drastic the change, the…
May 29
Apostle Trina Davis left a comment on Leave a Comment!
May 26
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
Because I’m In A New Place …I Must Reestablish My Optic Restraints “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened;……” Ephesians 1:18 One of the most undetectable hindering forces in our Christian walk is the lack of our ability to “see” our world through God’s optic lens.   Not that God has actual eyes – but rather meaning; to view; to understand; to perceive and to understand from the character of who He is. Today, we are going to ask the Lord to remove every optic restraint that is preventing us from exceling….. every optic restraint that is hindering our ability to be that powerfully effective threat to the kingdom of darkness that we should be. Whatever spirit is diminishing our zeal; our tenacity and our ability to perceive our future status from a “kingdom platform”; must be revealed, removed, and commanded never to return.  This command must be fortified by sealing the entrance that permitted access and an entry to our optic realm. So, Lord my prayer is also that my…
May 26
I Am A Ruby Network favorited Apostle Claudia Boatwright's blog post …Because I Am Positioned For Wealth…. I Must Create An Atmosphere of Excellence
May 25
Apostle Claudia Boatwright posted a blog post
…Because I Am Positioned  For Wealth…. I Must Create An Atmosphere of Excellence“Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other presidents and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him. And the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.” Daniel 6:3 As we proceed daily to accomplish all that the Lord has assigned our hands to do; we must always remain cognizant of the fact that God expects us to be a living example of “excellence” by creating this type of atmosphere wherever we are.  This character quality appears not to be as important to some as it should.  One of the causes for the failure to build an atmosphere of excellence is that many are still being held captive in a mindset that has been produced by a spirit of poverty and lack.  Therefore, although they are productive in the realm of the spirit; although they love the Lord; and are living a lifestyle that is well pleasing to the Lord…they lack the ability to create an atmosphere of excellence.The Spirit…
May 25
I Am A Ruby Network posted a discussion
Proverbs 19:8
New Living Translation
8 To acquire wisdom is to love yourself;
    people who cherish understanding will prosper.
May 25

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