777 of complete everything


Blessings my Royal Platinum Family, today is 7/7/7 Triple Seven Fabulousity, Faith, Fully Favorable, Financial Overflow, Fuego(Fire)Fulfillment, and Flourishing crops day.

This day means: Wholeness, completion, Replenishing, Freedom/Liberty, Manifestation, open doors/vaults, dreams, goals, visions coming to pass. Miracles, wonders, signs, Propelling into different Realms.

You can literally ask for whatever you want today, and for the next 10 days until the 17th, and it shall be given unto you. You can knock, on every door, and everyone shall be open for you. You can seek out, answers, and you find exactly what you are seeking, according to(Math 7:7-17). Triple seven means, REST(Refresh Everything Starting Today, RegeneratingEverythingStartingToday, and Recovering Everything StartingToday) on the 7th day the Lord rest.

The Seven dimensions of the Heavens are literally opening up to us all right now, all day on today, rolling over for 10 days.

This day we can be transitioned into an Extraordinary phenomenon. We are Fully made whole, healed, every malfunction part of our body is complete now, we are Healed, and living in peace, and free from all suffering(Mark 5:25-34).

This day symbolizes Unshakeable Faith, is being transferred just like( The Seer Daniel had, read and Meditate on Daniel 2:19-23).

Unshakeable Faith is wisdominion, brilliance, oracles, kingdom realms, prophetic prayers, outer body experiences, visitations from archangels. Unshakeable Faith is the dimensional mental perception of the seven realms of the heavens. Unshakeable Faith is kingdom mysteries, the secret insight of unsolved mysteries, reading writings on the wall, of different languages. It is having men and women all over the world, asking you about what the Lord is saying, concerning their lives. God is allowing us to have endless opportunities for Dimensional impact in the universe/earth realm, and everyone lives we come in contact with(Deut 28:12).

This day you can ask, Decree, Declare, and command, sponsors, support from every aspect of life, Supernatural and natural help, state of emergency, limitless assets from the universe, the heavens, and the Kingdom of God, requests of anything according to the will of God, and our desires, endowment, gifts from all areas of life, and anything that is the promises of God(1 John 5:14-15).

Walk in this OZ(Greek/ Aramaic for Power, strength, might, and dominion) that is at work inside of us(Eph 3:20) not one word will fall to the ground, it shall manifest NOW(New Ownership-Of Wisdom) Agape.



#Joyful July

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