I am tearing up, and destroying every negative contract, I made since the beginning, all verbal, mental/emotional, financial, physical, social, internal/eternal, spiritual, supernatural, natural, intellectual, environmental, cosmically, ethereal, and any contracts I have made since the beginning of my life that is negative, is canceled, is null, and void. I Am sending it to the dry places of love and light in Yeshua/Jesus.

It no longer exists, and it has ended. I am free from all old and new obligations, I am released from it all.

I am abundantly happy, and liberated fromΒ everything of that old negative contacts.

I speak that, I am under love, light, the Lord, Liberty, life, laughter, leaping, and blessings with happiness, blessings with joy, new evolved management now.

I am walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ in Kingdom Autonomy, and I am Happy that I am complete. Thank you Yahweh for making me Free.



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