Proverbs 9:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
    and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

What, when and where, did I go wrong with you my child, you and my other children do not listen to me. They do not care enough to know me. They search for me in the wrong places, they look for love in the wrong places. They try to find me but they cannot, because where they are searching is not where I am.     I continue to try to lead them in the path of righteousness, however, they do not listen to me. They listen to foolishness, their flesh, their past, their thoughts, outside voices, and their own sinful nature. They listen to other people who are not called in my name, and they cannot save them one bit. My children know the one and true way to find me, they worship me in spirit and truth. It is rare for people to search me in these days of destruction, and for anyone to really seek wisdom, word of wisdom, and my guidance. They look for everything to help them in their lives and they become so desolated. They are becoming living corpse, and carcass, on the inside and out. Because they do not take time to really know me. My children you do not know me, you do not understand me, The things you think you know of me is so far from the truth, it is not at all what I require of you to do. You ever asked me what I need of you to do, you assume this is what I need you to do. Why? Because this is what you really wanted to do, and you think this is what I need you to do. Not, everything that goes wrong in the world is what I need to heal and help. How can you heal and help others, my child, when you are hurting? You are so focused on helping everyone else, healing everyone else, and you are not yet healed, you are hurting, you are bitter, you are full of disappointment, time and time again. This is one of the reasons why my earth is so corrupted because hurting children are going around hurting other children. Just as a child act out from their pain, when they need and want attention from their parent, because they are jealous of their sibling, or when a child feels their teacher has favorites with other students. Or even when a spouse feel their spouse is giving someone else more attention they become jealous, and they act out of their character. They do things without even thinking, and they act out of their emotions and feelings, and before you know it, they have said or done something evil, bad, and negative that they regret. 

By this time, they have lost pieces of themselves, and by then they do not hear, listen, or even see me until the act of wrong and sin is done.

My child you must and only know I formed you in your Mother's womb, and I know you, and there is nothing that you go through, that I(God) cannot help you with. I was the first one who told you to be born, I told you to cry, crawl, walk, and speak. I was with you on your first day of school, and I was there with you as you made your first friend. I was there with you through every birthday, and every time you went outside. I was there through all the good times in your life. Also, no this my child I was there during all the bad and sad times of your life, all the pain, hurt, shame, distraught, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, and all of the secrets you have kept and still keep until this day. I was there with you, do you not know it was the Sovereign Lord who kept you through it all. My design is for you to prosper and be in good health and your souls prosper, since the foundation of the earth. In the beginning, when I created the Heavens and the earth, I saw you, my child.  

 I am with you 24 hours a day, you have access to me at all times. However, my child I need you to heal, I need you to be restored to your spiritual self, as you were when you were first born. 

All day and all night, I protect you, provide for you, talk to you, even though sometimes you do not listen to me. I still have endless love for you. I need you to step back and let me take the wheel. You have been driving too long, and you have been having crash and collisions. Why? Because you do not know how to drive this vehicle, and you were not authorized, designed or trained to drive this vehicle by yourself. 

Stop doing things from the way that you feel and start using wisdom, she is there to help you all the days of your life. Are you ready for me to make you happy? I mean really happy, not all the fake happiness you have been pretending all of your life. All of your life it has been a make-believe life, where you have to pretend that everything is alright and ok, and on the inside of you there is a constant battle with your past, demonic forces, and yourself. I am ready to make your life so smooth, joyful, and peaceful in the midst of every storm. Will you let me, my child? Are you ready for a real change? Are you ready for real good life?

Let me make you happy, let me put a smile on your face, and let me love you the way you deserve to be loved! I can give you the keys to success, if you stop resisting, and open up the door and let me come in.

I can give you all the insights to work everything out in your life. I can give you all the answers to every question that you may have, and to every challenge that you may experience. I am the mind regulator(Chief Psychiatrist) I am the heart doctor(the Chief Cardiologist), and I am the greatest Healer(I am the Chief Physician) I have ever lost a patient and much more. Are you ready to be saved and changed today? The only way to receive all that we talked about today is to hold your hands up and say, Lord, here I am make me over. Lord, I submit, surrender, and my entire body is subjective unto you. Heal me, mold me, shape me, and form me into your creation. I the Lord, will show up and become your Father, Mother, husband, wife, friend, and whatever you need me to be until the end.

You are ever an orphan, I am with you, and going to love you until the end of time

Love God!


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  • Lord/Love/Light,  all I can say is Thank you, this right here, 3 years later, is such a Logo's, and Rhema word. Surrendering, Submitting, and coming Subject, to my Higher Divine Consciousness(Divine Trinity)✨️. Ne'Eman 

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