• My God this was an very powerful teaching. It really gave me an new outline. This time instead what we was listening back then. Today I heard it plans a day an clear my mind an do everything we need to do is in our mind. The mind is our power source of prophecy. We have to think it, see it, believe it. This is an great mind teaching to show us how to speak life into ourselves through our mind. To encourage yourself an know that everything is good. 

  • I Am ALIVE(Anointing Leaping In Victory Everyday)

    I Am A Child of God, I Am A Child of Breath(Ruach Ha'Kadesh) and I Am A Child of Fortune. GlorYAH to God!

  • We cast out every demonic mercury's, and demonic oppressions in Jesus/Yeshua. Thank you Yahweh, not one word is falling to the ground, thank you for giving us Good God prophetic record. HalleluYAH!! 

    This word today, you better say at Woman/Apostle 

  • Whoooooh Yeshua/Jesus, this prayer 🙏 🙌 is dynamically advancements. Mi Dios

  • This Altar call 📞 is everything 🙌 we are grabbing the horns trumpet 🎺 of the Altar. The grand babies are even at the Altar. They was 5, and 7, even Manji, came to the Altar. This message is a Rema and Logos word, directly from the Heaven's. 

  • We thank you, you have made us Ready 

  • Thank you for raising us UP(Unlimited Peace and Unlimited Prophecy) right Now

  • I Am Raining 🌧 and Reigning in God's Prophecy, Ashe Ne'Eman 

  • We really desire to pray for her, pour into her, and love her, and take care of her. She poured so much into this Message for these people. We don't think the people,  really understand how valuable God blessed them with such, an Apostolic Anointing in the earth 🌎. 

  • Tears, 😢 😹 literally rolling down our face, this blessed vessel, really giving every drop into teaching these people. Teaching and Preaching like this, this woman/Apostle deserves to Rest, love, and every great thing, that is her heart desires. 

    Lord, this message is Deeper than we can ever even imagine. Thank you for allowing this spiritual being, to be a light Beacon in this earth 🌎. 

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