I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, "I am looking for a hungry heart. A heart that will come and sit at My feet. A heart that will come and partake of the banquet that I will spread before that heart. That heart is a heart I am looking to own. That heart is a heart I am wanting to call My very own. For I am saying I want to take your heart and meld it into My heart to where the pain, the fears, the doubts, the unbelief will melt and dissolve away, because greater are you because you have found yourself in Me.

"Have I not said in My Word, 'Greater is He within you than he that is in the world?' I say unto you he (satan) may be in this world, but he is not among you in greatness. You are to take the devil and put him where he belongs: under your feet. He has become a distraction to you. As he has become a distraction to you, you retract My goodness and My love. You begin to believe the accusations that he would speak of Me. I am a God of goodness. I am a God of truth. I am a God of justice, but I am also a God of order.

"You will Also Come to Realize How Great You Are in Me"

"I am going to bring My own into position to where they will know that when they are inside Me, they are greater than anything the world or anything else that can be cast upon them... for it must first come through Me. I am putting a net over your hearts where your hearts will be so captivated. Pieces of your heart which have been robbed and stolen – I am calling and commanding them to come back to make your hearts whole – to where you can feel the pulse of Heaven; to where you can come to understand and grasp the depth of My love; to where you can come to exercise My love in a world that is starving and alone.

"For I will say the hour of isolation is being broken off of this nation. You will see where others, who have locked themselves away for years, literally for years because of bruises and pains received in and out of My Body, are going to start to come forth into the flood of the streets of My presence. There will be an outpouring upon My people. In this outpouring, there will come a realization of how great I am in them. But it will be a twofold outpouring. They will also come to a realization of how great they are in Me, because I have made them to become great within Me.

"There is going to come over people's eyes truth, for the veils of deception will be ripped away. They will see things clearly, for My Spirit will come and bathe their eyes with My Word. My Word will stand on its own. Those that have come into the sunlight of My presence will not become blinded by the sun, but will have the eyes to see what they have never seen before.

"Get Ready to Hear the Replies of Your God"

"There is going to be a move among your nation," says the Lord your God, "that will cause others to pull you by the sleeve and say, 'Tell me of the greatness of your God that answers when you cry to Him.' For I say unto you, get ready to hear the outcries of My people, but get ready to hear the replies of your God. I am not a distant God who is not touched by the cries of His people, but I am a God that walks among His own. Now I say, I am training My own to walk among My presence. As they have learned to walk, dwell and carry My presence, they will see signs and wonders and know My Kingdom has not only come, but has now taken dominance over other things that would threaten My Word," says the Lord your God.

"My Word is about to burst forth. It will burst forth with fire. It will burst forth with re-fire-ment. It will burst forth as alive and active as it has been sent to do. People will take the sword of My Spirit, and you will see the enemy cut away from territories where he has been taking rest. I say unto you, you will arrest the enemy. You will set the captives free, because I am within you. And I say truly unto you, mark this, dance to this, sing to this, write this and meditate upon this: Greater is He within you than he that is in the world," says the Lord your God.

"Take Off all Restrictions Because I Am an Eternal God"

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on March 1, 2011 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

I feel like the Lord is saying there are so many that have been through many testings for so long that you are battle fatigued. I kept hearing Him say the same thing, "I am going to fill your cups fresh." He was showing me how much work it has been, and you think "What's next?"

I want everybody to stay in the mode of prayer just to receive right now. The Lord says, "If you would just lift your hearts up to Me I will refill them and captivate your hearts." That's what He's saying. "I want to captivate your heart. I want you to come into a newness of who I truly am. Not who you think or what anybody else thinks, but who I really am. Take off all restrictions because I am an eternal God. I hold the stars in the sky. Is there nothing too hard for Me?"

So many times when you've been in a long season of praying and waiting on God there comes in that season, "Okay Lord, when?" I feel like He just wants you to give Him the freedom to work out the fullness of time at the highest time. Frustration comes when you try to bring Him on a time-table and He doesn't want that. He doesn't want a driven Bride. He wants a refreshed one who's led. He wants a son and daughter that believes He's enough, because He is their Father. He wants to give you a breakthrough over worry and fear.

He said, "I want to break the confusion out of your understanding. I want to break back over you a light heart and a merry heart. I want confusion broken down to where I can rebuild the walls of your faith to where the walls of your faith can be a protective shield around you." Some of you have been fighting, fighting and fighting and you are so battle-fatigued, that you don't realize it's Him you're fighting. I heard the Lord say, "This battle is Mine when you are Mine. Then you need to come into My presence and gather My mind so you can think My thoughts and come to know the Father as I know the Father."

We worship You Lord, right now. We give You praise. We give You glory. Holy Spirit, I ask that You will go into hearts right now; that You will take off all disappointment. Take off restrictions right now, Father. Where all those restrictions are, I break them down. I ask that instead there will come a contentment, a completion, a complimentary time to where they can worship You as a King of Kings and Lord of Lords. As they grow smaller, You will grow larger. Father, bring the river of refreshment right now. We worship You, Lord.

Father, I thank You for new beginnings. Father, I thank You that You are pouring out Your grace right now upon all Your people. Lord, that Your grace is not only sufficient, but You are going to multiply grace right now.

"I Am Placing Upon You a New Authority, a Repositioning..."

I heard the Lord say, "I am taking from you a cup of suffering." Some of you have literally been in suffering. I heard Him say, "I am taking that cup of suffering away. I am pouring into you My new wine into a new wineskin. In this new wineskin, you will not be able to contain, but you will also be poured out. You are coming out of the valley of loss, but you are moving to the mountaintop with the Shepherd. The reason I am calling you to that mountaintop is to give you a different view. I will not have you with tunnel vision, but I will have you have the sight of My Spirit where you can see beyond your limitations and that of man.

"Restriction and constriction have been put upon you. My Spirit is putting a flow upon you to where you will be able to flow in what you have been called to do. It will not become dreary nor will it become gruesome, but it will become an assignment of pleasure, for you will walk on My arm and I will hold Your arm. Together we will go about the Father's business. I do not assign you alone today, no more than I assigned My apostles alone when I sent them out. I have sent My Spirit so you are never really alone.

"Right now I am circling agreement around you and I am crowning you. I am crowning you where you will come to understand who you are. I am placing upon you a new authority, a repositioning to where you will know you have been sent. I send My people and then I receive them when they come. Recall how My own went out, coming back rejoicing at what they had done in My name. Know that you too, will come back rejoicing; knowing what you have done in My name. For you will not walk in the name of another for I am a jealous God. Nor will you take the name of another where you walk, but you will walk under a banner of love. Under that banner of love, you will come to understand the love that you speak, the love that you declare, had been rooted deep, deep in your spirit-man.

"Now is the Hour of Grace and Forgiveness"

"To where man tried to put fear and accusations, you can look lovingly at them knowing that I am sufficient. I am breaking off what man has said you are and what man has spoken over you to be. I am releasing upon you what you were created for and to be. You were created for My pleasure. You were created for "son"ship in Me. You were created to be My disciples, and you were created to fellowship with a loving God. You are not called to carry a heavy Gospel; you are called to be lost in a heavy love. When you are lost in this love, you will be forced to go up, to drink in, to overcome within yourself all shortcomings and those of others. As quickly as you forgive yourself, you will learn to forgive others.

"All have fallen short of the glory of God. Your households, your parents, from the beginning of time when man walked, they fell short. Now is the hour of grace and forgiveness, and to take sins to the sea of forgetfulness and not to recall them. I am breaking the broken record that plays over, over, and over. I will say do not count what has been done against you, but begin to count the blessings that are coming toward you. I will have a blessed people. You will know that you have been blessed by Me. Do not be restricted, but expect the blessedness of your God. Why? Because you are a part already of the family of the Lord, your God."

Father, I declare that. I declare it alive and established. I release it in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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    Dear Surgeon of eternity we thank you for the great care you have taken in performing open heart surgery in the midst of a heart attack. How the world's and our personal issue have created clogged arteries where our blood flow had been restricted.Father you have created in us a new heart one that will open up valves to nations, one that will flow with your love that we can operate fully in your calling, 

    God is wanting to use us in such a capacity that is going to blow our minds but our hearts have to have the love of Jesus inside. Like a surgeon we have to allow God to come in and cut out, reroute the spiritual blood flow so that we can function. Without a functioning heart we are short of breath, we are tired due to the lack of blood flow and we need to be afresh so that God can use us. The Spirit of Christ has to be greater in us than the spirit of the world. 

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