As I wrote my book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences (with co-author James Goll), I saw a vision of people standing in a train station someplace in Africa. Suddenly, they all looked up at the sky which was unfolding a vision all could see, as if the clouds became a giant television screen, and revealed thousands of African animals stampeding towards the east. Everyone watching heard the audible shout, "Do not stop to drink the water!" Then, several cards appeared in the clouds – Kings and Queens – a royal flush.

These Are the Days of Past Visions Becoming Present Realities

What if you were standing on the platform of a train station and suddenly everyone around you gasped as they stared at the sky? The heavens had just rolled back revealing a shocking vision that everyone saw simultaneously – Believers and unbelievers. What would you do?

In this vision, only one person who had experienced many supernatural experiences over the years was able to keep his wits about him long enough to step inside the station, grab the loudspeaker and lead everyone in prayer for salvation. Then everyone fell to his or her knees weeping and praying because of that great and terrible corporate vision.

Would you be the one gasping and staring at the sky or would you be the one who has the nerve to lead the crowd in a prayer of salvation and intercession as a city or a nation comes to Christ in a single day?

"For Such a Time as This"

Those who shine with the glory of God are destined to become walking spiritual experiences for others. Those who covet being in His presence, soak in His love, quiet their souls and allow the Lord to change them, become transformed and grow from glory to glory. They become the ones who step up during "such a time as this."

As you step up, you step into the fullness of the anointing you need to accomplish the assignment. As you set aside your fear and emotions, you step into the presence of the Holy Spirit and begin to release the spirit of prophecy – who is Jesus – to whoever stands ready to hear you speak. You shift from ordinary Believer to extraordinary ambassador of Christ, anointed to release salvation, peace, healing, and revelation at the moment.

I feel very strongly that the Church is being called to be full of faith, power, and love and seize the divine appointments that come our way in the coming months and years. Are you ready?

God has need of you. It is time to become a walking God-encounter for others. Stir up your faith, soak in His peace, and release it to your neighborhood as situations present themselves. Inhale His love and exhale His peace, for what you allow Him to do in you, He will release through you.

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  • Moving with the instructions of the Holy Spirit to me is where the shifting comes in at. When we are obedient unto the Holy Spirit we move from spiritual realm to spiritual realm. As ambassadors of Christ we have a duty and that is to report, protect and serve. We have a duty to act and the definition of that is duty to act is a legal duty requiring a party to take necessary action to prevent harm to another person or to the general public. In personal injury law, an individual may be held to a standard of reasonable care to prevent injury or harm. 

    When I use to run EMS we had a duty to act and we had the legal right according to state and federal regulations that gave us permission to act within the scope of our practice in order to prevent harm to a person. The same in the spirit we have a duty to act God has given us the legal right to act within the scope of our practice to prevent harm, injury or death to a person.It is our duty to act in the spirit realm to be EMT Emergency Medical Talkers meaning we are to speak on the behalf of the injured.

    Great reading.

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