Discussion Questions to Ponder
1. List four reasons why we sometimes don't hear God's voice?
2. Why does God sometimes change His language?
3. What is the main factor in hearing from God?
4. How does satan affect our ability to hear God?

5. How are risk and faith-related?

6. How does this affect our prophetic ability? 

7. Having a pure heart is vitally important in communicating with God. The pure in heart see God. Take some time now to ask the Lord to search your heart, mind, subconscious mind, spirit, and soul Therefore, you can walk in the authority and dominion he has given to you. Let humility and hunger be your guide to your new power.

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  • 1. Our own self desire, the distraction of the enemy, disobey God, not knowing His Word to full understand the meaning.

    2. I believe He changes His voice because we all have a unique divine connection with God and each of us have a language that God has created for us. 

    3. Knowing His voice

    4. Satan can affect our ability to hear God in several ways such as..removing us from the presence of God through sinful acts, distractions that keep us busy that we do not study the Word of God nor do we pray, by stronghold (incorrect thinking pattern based on a believed lie), our past, our fears and by brainwashing us to think we are not worthy to be Kingdom Citizens 

    5. Because you do not know the outcome of either one. Your taking a chance on what you perceive to be the outcome.

    6. It could affect it by the way people approach others to give them a Word from the Lord. It could block the vision that God is giving us about that person or a particular event.

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