• Peter had a big heart and he was one of Jesus favorites. Jesus renamed him Simon meaning Rock. Peter stood on every word Jesus taught. Peter I believe had supernatural faith, remember at Pentecost he started preaching and 3,000 were converted. The presence of God on and in Peter is why his shadow healed the sick. Peter also had an aggressive belief in the words of Jesus.

  • I just believe that because Peter walked so close with God he was able to walk in the same power as God. In His word He spoke about us doing greater works and I just believe that, that was a greater work experience. The Bible talks about us being in God and God being in us therefore, the same power that He holds is the same power that we hold. I believe Peter walked in the same power of the father. I also believe that Peter faith and knowledge that God can do it for the people just as He had did it for them helped him to be so powerful. We carry that same power and anointing and God is just trying to get us to recognize the power that lies within us, therefore we are able to walk in that same kind of power and anointing.

    I think Peter was able to walk in the apostolic anointing because he sat at Jesus feet and when Jesus asked Peter who He was Peter said you are the Son of God. The time that Peter spent with God he got a chance to know who God was and he became like Christ. Jesus was compassionate so Peter became compassionate. Peter's anointing flowed from the head down.

  • Gods power came through Peter. The people were being healed as a direct answer to the apostles prayers. Acts 4:30 "stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your Holy servant Jesus". It was in the name of Jesus and by faith that Peter was able to heal the people.
  • I have learned a lot about the disciple Peter. I believe Peter shadow was able to heal because of the anointing he had on him and his faith in it. He had to know the spirit of God was on him in order for him to move and preach the way he did. Peter was hot tempered in the beginning but after Jesus' crucifixion he allowed the spirit to take over and he was able to flow in the spirit. 

  • Peter following Jesus's shadow was favored from the start he was already chosen by  God and Jesus hand picked Peter because of his faithfulness and diligence he followed Jesus and loved as he loved prayed as he prayed, preached as he preached. Through his consistent-ency and obedience God after Jesus's death sought to use Peter in a different way then he used Jesus making him a leader to others including the disciples. Peter had continual obedience to the word of God he understood the voice of God. Causing him to walk into his apostolic anointing.

  • After reflecting back on Acts 4:29-31 we read.  And now, Lord, behold their threatenings, and grant unto thy servants, that with all confidence they may speak thy word, 30By stretching forth thy hand to cures, and signs, and wonders to be done by the name of thy holy Son Jesus.31And when they had prayed, the place was moved wherein they were assembled; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spoke the word of God with confidence.  After seeing what Jesus had been subjected to the Apostles began to pray for boldness.  When you allow the Power of the Holy Spirit to fill you then the Holy Spirit is able to work freely within you.  It was the Power of within that was able to manifest on the outside.  Just as if you were someplace praying in the Spirit and God's anointing falls upon you those who believe around you will be affected.  Peter was exhibiting that he had faith in God's promise and power, he prayed with hope that what they prayed for would happen; acknowledging that God was able and could use him if God desired. When God's will and power are joined together he can do extraordinary things through you if you submit to him.

  • I believe it was Peters, prayer, fasting, his anointing and faith.. God chose him and trusted him. And he was faithful and obedience and stayed in gods face

  • Prayer

  • Peter was of a difference.  His understanding of operation was on a whole new level, as he operated from one aspect before Christ left and then after the crusifiction.  Peter distinguished the difference between earthly reasoning and heavenly reasoning.  He walked with Jesus by night and in the day with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus had them shielded so that they could take everything in, not that they completely understood it at that time but revelation soon came.  It is that heavenly revelation that allowed Peter to walk with such a great faith anointing that even the shadow connected with him was anointed.

  • They felt they could be healed from the overflow of Peters anointing. I believe they figured at least Peter was walking with Jesus. They had faith that from the shadow of Peter they would be healed.

    Peter trusted God, he had faith in him.

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