• First and foremost it was the power of God working through Peter that enabled him to perform miracles of healing people of all sort. God's power was demonstrated through Peter and John to heal a man that was lame from his mother's womb. The Sanhedrin admits that noble miracle had been done through Peter and John. Acts 5:12 tells us, Through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people. People were laid out in the streets so Peter's shadow would overtake them once he passed by. All the sick and demon possessed people brought to the Apostles were healed and made well. When Peter was in Lydda Jesus used him to heal a man who had been bedridden for 8 years and was paralyzed. (Acts 9:33-34)  Later at Joppa, Peter was used to raise a Christian woman from dead. (Acts 9:40) Early days of church were a time of phenomenal growth and apostolic miracles. People had high regards for Peter's miracle working and that they placed faith in efficacy of even his shadow. Verse 16 states people were healed at that time, even the one's that were not under Peter's shadow. They were being healed as direct answer to apostle prayer in Acts 4:30- Stretch out your hands to perform miracles signs and wonders through the name of Jesus the Christ. The miracles performed by Peter were demonstrations of the Lord's power and mercy affirming Christ Jesus as Savior and testifying their message to be true. Shadow come and go, but God's power is constant


  • I believe it was several reasons. Peter was soul out to Christ. He had received the power Jesus had given to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. So he walked in what he knew and believed. He was also humble. Humility is a must if the power of God is to flow out of us to heal. We must always remember that the power is God's, not ours, and just because the power is in us does not make us better then anyone else.

  • It was not the actual shadow that healed people but the power of Jesus and His name.In Jesus Name they shall be healed and when you go in the Name of Jesus something has to happen.  Perhaps if it was a rainy day or a cloudy day and Peter had not shadow then those sick would of been in trouble. Look at Acts 3:16 God healed because it was His will and the power that Peter had was because he believed that Jesus would do what he said. 

    It was a shadow back then and now we have people that pray over cloths and send them, they send anointing oil and holy water for those who chose to purchase it in hopes of being healed. There is no certain prayer that needs to be said to pray over oil at your home but what some fail to understand or realize it is not the cloth, it is not the oil or water but it is how much faith YOU have in GOD. Not the PROPHETS ON TV but your faith. Lets look at a verse in Ephesians 2:8 states For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.It is truly our faith that heals us.You can go to a Prophet or Prophetess, a Pastor, a Apostle, a Bishop or even your best friend in the ministry and never receive your healing simply because you do not believe.  It is the divine favor upon Peter's life that made people think his shadow held some type of powers when in fact it was God all the time. God living in him, he sat with Jesus and bathed in the spirit, he sat and learned from the best. So it was the power invested in Peter by Jesus that allowed him to walk in such anointing and his faith and belief. 

  • Peter has his complete trust in the power of God whereas the people had there trust in Peter. It was God that healed the sick. Peter was able to walk in the apostolic anointing Because a Gods Devine power moved through him.
  • I second that God doesnt respond to need but obedience.

    Gwendolyn Williams said:

    The reason why, Peter's shadow was able to heal the sick was because of Apostolic anointing. God allowed Peter to walk in the Apostolic anointing because of Peter's Obedience to the Lord.

  • I agree with you Peter was chosen by God.There was something special about Peter and apostolic anointing.

    Teri May Boncher said:

    I think he walked in gods calling , he obeyed god rather then people .Jesus left him and others with the holy spirit ''spirit of god'' and he was able to heal as Jesus did ... b4 Jesus acended the lady with the issue of  blood just touched the Garment of Jesus and new she would be healed the people also had to have a faith in the son of god to be healed and believe that Peter who seen the reson king ,could do the same things as Jesus. =) Jesus said in his name =)

  • In Acts, the early days of the church was extraordinary growth in apostolic anointing
    Peter was chosen , appointed and anointed by God. He was taught by Jesus as disciples to do same things as Jesus as healing. , etc.The reason why Peter's shadow was healing people my have been because many people was afraid to talk him. Many people had further to believe that power was coming from Peter because of not knowing if they were right with God. People had high regard for Peter's miracle working that was placed forth in his healing shadow.Peter was obedient and love the Lord.Ex. Peter healed the lame beggar by saying get up walk. He was appointed and then anointed by God. Peter was fulled with holy gospel power.
  • Peter was a devote apostle. He had a very focused anointing and faith level. He believed and held his faith at a level that Jesus told him he could achieve. Because of this super focus, prayer and faith, it enabled him to have the ability to heal via his shadow like Jesus was able to heal by the very touch of his garment.

  • The reason why, Peter's shadow was able to heal the sick was because of Apostolic anointing. God allowed Peter to walk in the Apostolic anointing because of Peter's Obedience to the Lord.

  • Peter absolutely in todays time would be called radical... because he had radical faith! If i could describe him by someone we know today it would be Benny Hinn, inspired by Kathryn Kuhlman. All faith healers men n women of God who have/had radical faith to believe God that when you lay hands on the sick they do recover according to Mark 16:18. But Peter took it a lil step further Why?? Because he believed all things were possible by faith, faith come by hearing n hearing by the word of God. Rom. 10:17... He as well as all the other disciples walked on a daily basis with the Word... Jesus being the Word. John 1:1...  every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Deut. 8:3 Daily bread this was Peters portion which increased his faith. That what he believed he could do through Christ n The God that sent Christ.

    So living in that place in God that intimacy opened a window from heaven that poured him out a blessing... A great anointing so strong it transcended through to his shadow n healed the sick. Great faith but also child like faith, pure n innocent. Amazing isn't it lol... n this is where God desires us to come back to. childlike faith not being moved by circumstance! ;)

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