• Yes Shirley,

    Our humbleness allows people to see the God in us! When we don't react to certain situations as the world does. When we do this we are to hear God in the mist of what's going on around us. 1 kings 19:12 says: After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. God was saying I'm not in all that, but I come in a still small voice. We should always be aware of what is going on around us, but still be able to hear the voice of God in it all.


    Apostle Teyshana, I believe God said that In regard to how they are to address people and situations. We are to live peaceably and be prudent in our actions and our affairs. We are to use wisdom to provoke others to come to know the Christ in us.
  • When Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents, He was telling them to have discernment,  He was telling them to always be watchful.(in the spirit)  He had sent them out to minister the gospel, but He was letting them know that there will be wolves, those people that will reject and scorn you. The are some that will come in sheep's clothing, so you must always have your spiritual glasses on.  Even though you among them you still must remain with an attitude of Christ. Be humble as doves, or keep your peace always be lead by the Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus was telling them to have a balance. He was saying I have prepared you or trained you to minister the gospel, but not everybody is going to receive me, but you should maintain my character. Still love them in spite of, as I have loved you. It is with my love and kindness that I will draw them. Though they may reject you, still allow them to see me in you. Let you light shine in the mist of them all. Never being deceived but always watchful, and upholding the standards of Christ.

  • Serpents are very sharp sighted cunning creatures and uses various arts and stratagems for its own preservation and especially of it's head and is so far to be imitated by the followers of Christ as to make use of all proper methods to preserve themselves from insults and rage of men and not expose themselves to unnecessary dangers and should be careful to give no just occasion of offence, to provoke them to use them ill and to avoid all snares traps that are laid for them but at the same time we must maintain the innocence and harmlessness of the dove being free from wicked cunning and craftiness, without malice, wrath not meditating and seeking revenge but meek and humble in their ways. Being humble enough to handle insults, have much oppression. A serpent will go about it's business if it is not provoked and we as Saints should mind our business and not be busy bodies but if we are provoked we should not strike back like a serpent but be humble as a dove and seek for peace. We have to guard ourselves but yet still being humble in all we do.

  • Pastor Craig, we know that with God we can accomplish anything. There is no reason why we can't overcome any obstacle or hinderance in our way.
  • Valerie, I agree that we should be humble at all times. However, being humble doesn't mean we are weak. Humbleness can take us a long way.
  • Apostle Teyshana, I believe God said that In regard to how they are to address people and situations. We are to live peaceably and be prudent in our actions and our affairs. We are to use wisdom to provoke others to come to know the Christ in us.
  • The attributes of a serpent is wise, it has keen eyesight and quick to learn.  I believe Jesus was telling his disciple to be wise in what they do.  To see things both naturally and spiritually and make adjustment as needed.  He also wanted them to be gentle and humble.  He wanted them to be approachable and to show themselves with the heart of God.  

  • He is saying be wise or aware of your surroundings and situations in a protective state like a serpent. At the same time we need to not panic but relax and keep the faith and let God do his thing and not try to do things in our own knowledge and power.

  • God wants us to be focused on his kingdom business and sensitive to the holy spirit.

  • A serpent is wise, with keen eyesight and is quick to learn. A dove is innocent, meek and gentle.

    When the Holy Spirit appeared, it would do so in the form of a dove. when i think about how keen the eyesight is of a snake, i can see why we should have those same chariterics. We should be able to detect our enemy just like that snake does. When i think about the dove, I think about thats how Jesus is innocent, meek and gentle and that is how we should be. The mintue we take our eye of the enemy is when He attacts us the most, He is preparing us just as He did His disciples so that we shall be ready for what is to come as we walk out the call of God upon our lives. A king eyesight and a meek spirit or some weapons will will need along this journey.

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