Five Keys in Emerging!

1. Comfort: is a Shalom benefit package from God, that illuminates in our psyche(Soul) and heart(Subconscious mind) it is vital we have comfort, it automatically brings life to our entire body. Read and Meditate on(Prov 14:30).

2. Productivity: it is the Healing elixir to our minds, it allows our minds to be one with God, and it Transform us to be more like God in his Divine characteristics. It allows us to be a Creator and Produce anything we desire because of our faith. Productivity becomes one with action, and it allows everything we think, speak, and decree to come into existence. Read and Meditate on(Philp 2:5 and Rom 12:2).

3. Prosperity: is God mandate for our lives. Prosperity is the feeling of knowing that God is our everything. When we understand that God is our everything, we become prosperous. This is when our inner sanctum(womb/spirit) becomes full with purpose, ideas, inventions, promises, strategies, plans, and everything our God minds can think of because of his mind is infinite and endless. Read and Meditate on(Deut 28:11).

4. Multiplication: is the order from God that we become fruitful, have dominion over all things and subdue it. It is the layout, the outline that he gave to Adam in the garden, we must understand that when we begin to have faith in God, we can have all the great things that he has chosen for us to have with multiplication. Read and Meditate on(Gen 1:28).

5. Manifestation: is God chosen vessels(his children) walking in what his word says that we can walk in. When we begin to understand who God is, and then we begin to understand the power that he has given us. We began to walk in newness of his greatness. It is the spiritual illumination of God's word being alive through us. We began to understand life in a whole different realm, and then we begin to understand how we are chosen to be created in his image and his power. Once we understand that we are the divinity of Gods designed product which is his creation, then we can begin to walk in the authority and the spirit of manifestation. Manifestation is the divine order, the divine alignment, the divine structure, the divine spirit, the divine breath of God in human vessels. An when we understand that is when we can begin to walk in real manifestations. We begin to see manifestations with the demonstrations of our faith with action. There is no way of getting around it, and there are no short cuts, and an easy way to see the illustrations in our lives. We can't be the vessel of manifestations if we walk in our flesh. We must eliminate all of our flesh out, and then began to allow 100% of the Holy Spirit, the God in us, the Divinity of God to live inside of us with the free course of moving through us, and that is when we begin to see manifestations. Read and Meditate on(1 Corinth 12:7).

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