The Father of Multitudes is bringing laughter to our houses. He is a Divine Supplanter, who objects a Praise daily. Giving us the ability to burst through a Breach, springing up a light.

He who is Exalted, is speaking from the Heavens, if my People who is willing, will see my Kingsman of Generosity, only in the act of Obedience, unto the Lord. I am birthing out Oracles, this Dimensional year, one's that foretells, Peace, strength, Supremacy, Power, Dominion,swift works, rapid pace, and true worShift.

My Chosen Remnant, will show others that God exist, and he is moving Exceedingly fast in the earth. Beloved, not only your soul has prosper, and your health is prospering Suddenly, everything in your life will flourish and Harvest.

God is depositing Shalom in every aspects of life, freedom from people, and all negativity,because the Lord is our Father. It Is Written : After these things, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram, I am your Shield, your Abundant Compensation, and your Reward shall be Exceedingly Great(Gen 15:1).

My God, now that is a #Kingdom #District word, HalleluYAH!!!

May you all have a Healing Majestic night in July on Purpose Agape~~

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