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Night Declaration: We are groundbreaking Trendsetters, ordained and hand-chosen by God. There is Sudden Increase coming our way, in streams, cascades, and multiple outlets of blessings. Every area of our life, shall prosper, be established and successful. Because the Lord has released a Health, Wealth, and Supremacy deposit Transfer slip into our accounts. He has unleashed valuable resources, a wad of finances, treasure chests, vaults, safe deposit boxes, checks with our names on it. Kingdom benefits everywhere we go, Presidential Monubliss Favor, purses/wallets with money in them, generous individuals, who will say just put the amount, because I have already signed my name on it. Buildings, lands, islands, vehicles, trips, gifts, surprises, debt cancellation, stocks, bonds, and much much more in Jesus.

It is Written: Yahweh(The Lord) will grant(give) you abundant prosperity(huge success, and kingdom luxury)—in the fruit of your womb(the Holy Spirit) the beginning of your assets, and the harvesting of your greatness in the earth—in the land he swore(promised) to your ancestors to give you(Deuteronomy 28:11 PKDB) not one word will fall to the ground, get ready for the best days of your life on Purpose, my God Agape~~~

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  • i love this prayer. I need to p post this on my wall!!!

    • Bless you, Evangelist Bobie, how are you doing on this Successful day? You can share it, by pushing the Facebook icon, at the top left side, and you can share it on your page, and story.

  • Thank you, Lord, that I AM a Groundbreaking Trendsetter. HalleluYAH

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