I decree and command that healing in my nervous system, cerebral system, digestive system, immune system, circulatory system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, excretory system and every system in my body comes into alignment with the Word of God.  Red and white blood cells and platelets come into alignment NOW!  Every abnormal cell will repair itself and be replaced immediately by healthy loving cells. 

I am honoring and I am listening to my body by the signals it sends me.

I decree that every part of my physical body be replenished, regenerated, rejuvenated, and astonished now in Jesus. I am the physician, and I am healing myself!

I am healing my cells from within, yes I am.

 Thank you for my healing. I have Supreme Knowing Faith to heal myself. Thank you, Lord, for my healing.

I Am making a conscious effort to stay healthy.

All is Well, I am Well, I am Happy, I am thinking myself happy and I Am Healthy

God, you are El-Melekh and Ne' Eman(God you are my Faithful King).

I Command and Decree that every malfunction part of my body be healed made whole, regenerated and rejuvenated.

I am eating more healthier naturally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and financially. My body is a self-healing center if I take care of it appropriately with rest, love, laughter, and peace, it automatically self heals itself.

My positive thoughts emerge healing into every vessel in my body, as a natural and supernatural state in my mind, subconscious mind, soul, and spirit. I am creating a perfect state of health and healing within me.    

I am healing myself from the inside out on Purpose.

I am healing myself by elevating my consciousness to the frequency of Divine Healing. I am taking a Divine  Healing antibiotic and it is healing me internally and its manifesting perfect health externally.

My cells in my body are responding to the Divine frequency of my consciousness healing of good health.

God in Me is my Health.

God in Me is my Answer Right Now

My Body is at peace internally and it brings life to my body externally

It is done and SOH(Supernatural Overflowing Healing).

Heal me Oh Lord I Am Healed. Save me oh Lord I Am Saved for you are the one I Praise, because it is Written in Jesus Ne'Eman.

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