I am Grateful, I am Letting understanding/innerstanding/and overstanding be a wellspring of life for me.


I Am Grateful, I Am Astoundingly Powerful, Peaceful, Prosperous, and Purposeful.


I am grateful you Bless me, Lord/Life/Love, for I put my trust in You, Thank you 😊. 


Thank you Light for giving me strength, bravery, and courage 💪. HalleluYAH!

For now I am resting, healing and being healthy with wellness. Thank you YAH!


I Am thankful for Delactation, Gratification, Enjoyment, Blessings with Happiness, Satisfaction, and pure Delight in God, and in every area of my life on Purpose.

I Am bringing others into my life, who are emotionally/mentally healthy, and I am creating positive relationShifts.

I Am Grateful 💋 🙏 that I am continuing to work on my relationShift, with myCellf because in the end, I matter the most in my life. 

I Am proud of my Grind, my accomplishments, and achievements. I Am!

Today, I am wiser, better, than I ever thought I could become.

Thank you MyCellf, I am celebrating, and saluting the Divinity in you.

I Am Thankful, that I Am Financially Secure, I Am, everyday is payday 🙏. 

I have Joy, by the words that come out of my mouth 👄. A timely word, and moment like right now, oh how Good it is. (Prov 15:23). Thank you it is Written. HalleluYAH 

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