I Am Grateful, the Divine Light of Awareness empowers my heart, mind, subconscious mind, soul/psyche, spirit, vessels, blood, cells, veins, DNA, ATOMS, arteries, bones, and every malfunction part of my body, I Am.

I am Decreeing my unity, and oneness with the indwelling God; within me. 

I am prophesying the words of good health, healing, harmony, and peace over me/my entire life in Ultra Divine Consciousness. 

I speak that I am healing every sickness, diseases, dis-ease, infection, and illness, that is ever, or even try to even come in my body. I am thankful it is written (Math 4).

I am laying hand's on myCellf and I am recovered, Healed, I am cured, I am.

I am thankful, According to my Faith, I am Healed, and it is done unto me. Because it is Written(Math 10).

I Am sending out my good word by faith, it is fulfilled, accomplished, and it is healing me now.

As it Written, so shall it Be done for me, just as I have spoken(Isa 55:11).


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