I Am Magnificent Affirmations



Blessings is a crown around my head on a daily basis, because it is Written(Prov 10:6).

I Am A Royal Diadem of God, and Success is Mine automatically.

I Am Monublissfully Favored.

I Am Magnificent.

I Am Marvelous.

I Am Connected to the Majestic one.

I Am a Marvel Achiever.

I Am a Magnetic Millionaire.

I Am Manifestations.

I Am Miracles.

I Am Ministry.

I and the Messiah are one.

I Am a Millennium Movement.

I Am Meekness.

I Am more than qualified, and most of all I am more than enough on Purpose.

None of these good words is falling to the ground, because life is in the power of my mouth.

Because it is Written( Prov 18:21).





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