I am thankful, I have great possessions.
I am abundantly supplied with resources, means, and funds. I Am.
I have a rich mind, I have a rich subconscious mind; and I am apart of a rich nation. I am abounding in natural resources, and a rich territory, I Am.
I Am finding the Source of Infinite Abundance is my life, love and action.
I am a creative genius-anytime, any day, and anywhere. I Am.

I Am Grateful for the Powerful Healing, that is in my life everyday.
I Am feeling much better, and I Am happy Good Health is here to stay, Ashe.
I am denying all fatigue, for there is nothing to tire me. I am living in the Kingdom Divine Imagination of eternal/internal joy, and good absorbing interests.
I Am thankful, all possibilities are in the eternal/internal now.
I am grateful the light of Christ Ultra Divine Consciousness, now streams through every cells, veins, vessels, arteries, ATOMS, DNA, and every malfunction part of my body.

I am giving thanks for my radiant good health.
I have the Awareness, and Consciousness to know I have the potential to become anything, I like or desire to become. 
I am thankful right now for my inner peace, I Am.

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