Are you Ready for this NEW WorShift Experience?

 Hosted by the Holy Spirit. Special guest is the Speaker of the Hour

This is the second Sonday of this Jimensional, Jubilant, and Jubilee month. This is the second Sonday of this Jynamic year.

 If you are expecting and ready for  Healing, Breakthroughs, Dominion Increase, Revelations, Prophetic Manifestations, and heavenly divine interventions with God over the airways. Tune in, this is the place to be, and EXPECT a Supersonic Supernatural MIRACLE on PURPOSE! Tell everyone you know about this broadcast, it is going to be Trifectally Epic. See you all on the air, Agape~

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  • My God WOW. I missed the live worship service due to local obligations and listening to the replay. God told me to log in 330am to listen to the service. All I can say is Yes Lord, I received the word and relate to Moses having to go back to Exodus to address unfinish business, to grow stronger, and to stop running. Thank you Father for the Powerful Life Changing Message to confirm what I have been hearing from the Holy Spirit. Especially when she said, ran because didnt fit in because felt I different. My God!!! Recognize The Power of A Bridge.

    • HalleluYAH, bless you Pastor Light (Aurora) I am just now seeing this, yes Lord this message was off the chain. It is a life-shifting and life-transforming message. God most definitely had his way on this message. Tomorrow we will post up today's broadcast, and my God is all we can say. You will get the email notification. May you have a Supersonically Blessed night on Purpose GN Agape~

      Pastor Light (Aurora)
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