bullet.gifNAME: Freda McDonald aka Josephine Baker

bullet.gifBIRTH DATE: 1906

bullet.gifBIRTH PLACE: St. Louis, Missouri

bullet.gifEDUCATION: Dropped out of school at the age of 12.

bullet.gifFAMILY BACKGROUND: Josephine Baker's mother was Carrie McDonald and her father was Eddie Carson. Arthur Martin was her stepfather. Her siblings were Richard, Margaret and Willie Mae. Josephine's first husband was Willie Wells; her second husband was Willie Baker; her third husband was Jean Lion; and, her fourth husband was orchestra leader Jo Bouillon. Her twelve adopted children were: Akio (male), Janot (male), Luis (male), Jari (male), Jean-Claude (male), Moise (male), Brahim (male), Marianne (female), Koffi (male), Mara (male), Noel (male), Stellina (female). Josephine's last marriage was to American Artist Robert Brady.

bullet.gifDESCRIPTION OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Overcoming the limitations imposed by the color of her skin, she became one of the world's most versatile entertainers, performing on stage, screeen and recordings. Josephine was decorated for her undercover work for the French Resistance during World War II. She was a civil rights activist. She refused to perform for segregated audiences and integrated the Las Vegas nightclubs. She adopted twelve children from around the world whom she called her "Rainbow Tribe."

bullet.gifDATE OF DEATH: Josephine died in 1975, in her sleep, after a large party given in her honor.

bullet.gifPLACE OF DEATH: She died in Paris and was buried in Monaco. She became the first American woman to receive French military honors at her funeral.


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  • There is a Queen in all of us, Once we learn how to truly see ourselves with the eyes of God. In the spirit realm. Not looking with our natural eyes but searching deep into our souls, tapping into true beauty. The real beauty of LOVE. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heat. Let's keep our hearts pure our souls clean, minds sharp, and our spirits filled with the precious Holy Spirit of God's anointing power. You ALL are truly beautiful and there is a. Mother.and "QUEEN IN YOU.".... And it is so"  In the name of Jesus.

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