I speak, proclaim, and I decree my cells, are no longer a house that no longer harbors any negativity, toxicity, anger, bitterness, illness, disease, dis-ease, anxiety, fear, panic, stress, regret, jealousy, or any other negative emotion, or demonic dark impulse. All of these negative things shall be banished, cast out, expelled, and sent to the dry places of love and light.

I speak and decree by Faith that my cells shall now be a home for love, light, laughter, blessings of healing, happiness, joy, peace, forgiveness, patience, kindness, unity, harmony, prosperity, bliss, euphoria, overflow, wealth, wellness, good energy, good frequencies, good vibrations, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, self-care, and Divine intentions of Higher Infinite Consciousness, and all that is connected to light, and the Good of God.

I am aware that I am purging all negative energy, frequencies, and vibrations from my life. I am sending them to the dry lands of love and light in Ultra Divine Consciousness of Yeshua/Jesus.


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