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Father God, You made the I am a Ruby five fold Christen ministry family. Sometimes we have not been accepting of our family, but we know Lord that we need one another. Help us Lord to love them no matter what our differences seem to be. Lord, we ask You to help us to do our part in keeping our family together by always showing Your grace and mercy. Be with us in our times of working together, playing together, and or worshiping together. Help us Lord to remember the forgiveness you have given us, to forgive the members of our family. Help us Lord to be grounded in Your Word and to grow in You. Lead us to continue to serve You. Lord, may we always have our eyes on You and may we always have the hope of Heaven (Hebrews 12:1-2). These are my hopes and dreams for our family Lord, lead us in attaining them according to Your Perfect Will for our family. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen, Aman, and Amen.


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Amen, bless you Pastor Wisdom, now this is a powerful prayer, in Jesus name. Not one word will fall to the ground. 


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