Father God in Jesus We come to right now laying down every weight at the alter, and casting aside every heaviness in Jesus. Oh God, it is written in your word Don't worry about anything instead pray about everything, lay our petitions before you; and the peace of God which passes understanding will guard our heart(Philp 4:6-7). Lord, we will trust in you oh God with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding and acknowledge you in all of our ways, so you can direct our paths in Jesus. 

Lord of Hosts you said, come to you all who are weary and laden and carry heavy burdens, and you will give us rest in the name of Jesus. Father, we thank you for VICTORY NOW, we thank you for success now over the enemy, over every situation in Jesus. I speak thy KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN OVER OUR LIVES JESUS.

God that you will answer every prayer request that is on this wall EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE CAN ASK OR THINK, ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS WORKING IN US. We thank you now, and we know it is already done this we DECREE AND DECLARE AND IT IS ESTABLISH IN JESUS. Not one WORD will fall to the ground, it is SO Ne'Eman.

(Leave your prayer request below)


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  • I have a dry cough and mucus, please lift me up in your prayers. Thank you so much family. 

    • Blessings Apostle Trina Davis how are you doing on this Supersonically Healing day?

      We are in agreement 🤝 with you for a total complete Healing from the inside out.

      You are healthy, Healed, and Whole. 

      We love you. May you have a Spectacular day on Purpose, Agape. 

  • God bless everyone, please lift up my son, I haven't seen him or heard from him in a while and he not that long ago got out of the system. Thank you so much for all your prayers. 

  • Blessings family, I kindly ask for your support in praying for my son's mental health, safety, and salvation. May God's blessings be abundant in his life. Thank you for your prayers and love.

    • Blessings Apostle Trina Davis how are you doing on this Triumphant night 🌙?

      We Decree, Declare, and Demand Divine Healing power in your son mind, subconscious mind body,heart, psyche/soul, and spirit.

      The Blood of Yeshua/Jesus saturates his body from the air over the crown of his head to the sole/soil of his feet.

      No weapons formed against him shall prosper. We command and activate by Faith Raphael, and all the Healing angels over his life.

      It is done, Ne'Eman.

      We love you to the Heaven's and beyond. 

      May you have a Terrific night 🌙 on Purpose, Godnight, Agape 

  • Please pray for Mr. Cox, who has lumps under his armpits and needs to see a doctor. Also, please pray for the cancellation of any cancer or sickness in his body, and for his deliverance too.

  • And we pray for the community nurse/ doctor.

  • Please pray for my son-in-law Mr Paul cap, yesterday and today he's been throwing up blood and where he lives at have little to no healthcare at all and we need a miracle. We're praying for complete healing for his liver and that he will be able to see a doctor and for his salvation and deliverance from drinking and complete healing from the root cause of him throwing up blood. 

    • Blessings Apostle Trina Davis 

      How are you doing on this Successful night 🌙?

      We speak, and thankful that every vessel, veins, cells, DNA, ATOMS, and arteries in your son in love/law liver are healed, healthy, regenerated and repaired. We know it to be SO(Successful Outcomes) of his liver.

      We are casting out and expelling all unwanted waste and toxins out of his liver now, and we are sending it to the dry places of love and light in Yeshua. 

      We are grateful every bile that regulates his chemical realms in his blood, are infused with the Blood of Life, Love, Light, Liberty, and the Lord. Because it is Written: Life, Love, Lord, Light, and Liberty are in the Blood. 

      Leviticus 17:11

      Names of God Bible

      11 because blood contains life. I have given this blood to you to make peace with me on the altar. Blood is needed to make peace with me.

      We speak, and we are grateful for his liver, and colon is destroying all unwanted foods, medicines, fats, waste, toxins, mucus, poisons, bugs, parasites, infections, and pesticides, that don't belong in his digestion system, gut system, metabolism system, and gastric system.

       None of these good words is falling to the ground. We are looking forward to the good report, and Bestimony.


      Love you, may you have a Spiritually Prosperous night on Purpose, Godnight, Agape.


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