Prayer is the anomaly of God, his peculiarity, his trademark, hallmark, and his written essay to us daily. Prayer is the divergence of God realms, in the supreme of the different dimension of the Heavens. Prayer is the supernatural release of God’s spirit in the universe/earth twenty-four hours a day. In addition, prayer is the atmosphere, troposphere, hemisphere, stratosphere, exosphere, cosmos, orbit, horizon, galaxy, and all the dimension of the heavens.  

It is everything God made into existence, it is the unleashing of his spirit in his children. It is his spoken word, when he said let us create humankind in our image, they will reign, and have dominion like us, over all things in the universe(Gen 1:26-29). 

May you ever thirst again, and may you be rejuvenated in every drop. #PropelKingdomDimensionBible #IAmARuby #ItsAKingdomMovement

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