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Blessings and GM my Royal Platinum Family. We are having a Christmas P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Journal(PKDJ) giveaway. One blessed individual will be chosen by Christmas to receive an autographed copy of our best selling book, sold at Amazon.com Barnes & Noble Amazon.co.uk and all online bookstores nationwide.
This is not just a journal, it is a Kingdom Manifesto that, has prayers, declarations/affirmations, graphs, studies and much more, to help you Propel into 2019 with Prosperity, Abundance, Joy, and Shalom. 
Are you ready, let's get it, and let's GO(God's Overflow)?
Rules are: 
1. Must be following me, or organization page
2. Repost, copy/paste, and share this post
3. Explain to us why you should be chosen, and how can this journal help you Propel into your Purpose 
4. Tag someone who you know would like to Propel into another Dimensional Realm this year and into 2019
5. When you are done with the 4 steps, then hashtag #PropelKDJGiveawaythen leave a comment I Am Propelled
There is no amount of entries, you can share this post with anyone you choose. The deadline date is 12/17/18
The Winner will be selected 12/18/18 randomly according to their answer. May you all have a WWW(Wonderful, Wealthy, Winnersday) on purpose.

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