Propel In my New Wealth


  • Decree, Declare and Command into the Hemisphere, and Universe/Earth Realm (3 X) a day.
  • I am a magnet for success, money, and prosperity, blessing me with infinite riches. Everything I touch is platinum, bringing me great wealth and eternal prosperity.
  • A continuous abundance of immense wealth, success, money, and prosperity flow throughout my entire being, and life at every single moment.
  • I easily attract success, overflowing wealth in a completely effortless way, I accept it, believe it, and have faith in it.
  • I truly deserve success and prosperity, it is my purpose and destiny to be rich I absolutely deserve it.
  • My mind, body, soul, and spirit accept great wealth, infinite riches, and fantastic success into my life; because I know and truly accept that I am worth it in every way.
  • It is my divine right as a human being, and a kings kid to be showered with luxurious wealth, riches and magnificent success.
  • My thoughts always remain open 24 hours, to obtain uploads from heaven, being flexible and saturated with a WIN( Witty Ideas Now, and Witty Inventions Now for attracting money, wealth and infinite prosperity into my life.
  • My mind unlocks the keys to success Now, allowing me to attract eternal wealth and riches into my life forever.
  • Not one word will fall to the ground. Because it is Written: With me is Enduring wealth, riches, honor, prosperity, and righteousness(Proverbs 8:18).
  • I shall see these words manifest into my life Suddenly because I spoke a word, it is So, and it is GOOD in Jesus Ne’Eman.
  • P®OPEL Kingdom Dimension Bible(PKDB)

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