Being found in the secret place of God means you walk in the evidence of God, the state of facts of who he is in your life, and through your life. It is documented proof that the word of God becomes living and active in our lives. The secret place is the valid information of God’s word being established into an extraordinary, supernatural, internal, and eternal phenomena. The secret place is the proposition of our faith being tested, challenged, and even to the point it is invisible, however, you know greater He (God, the Holy Spirit) in you than anything in the world. The secret place is forever accurate, and it is all about a correction to transform us into the realm of obedience to God, and those he has overseeing to cover us.

The secret place is an affirmation, proclamation, confirmation, information, declaration, revelation, inspiration, motivation, and verification of God’s spirit, presence, word, and his promises to be the power source, force, that we all need to live and survive. This whole chapter is a display of God’s Decree in his children's lives to assure us that we can walk in his power when he spoke things into existence. This whole chapter is a mandate of God’s commandment that if we obey him, we will be victorious in everything, and that we have triumphed over everything. This chapter is a cash payout insurance policy that we will have a huge disbursement settlement, if we have faith in God, with reverence, fear, honor, respect, and obedience. This chapter is a high definition of contrast that allows us to see in visual and audible formulas of God’s heart for us.

This chapter allows us to see God’s heart, mind, God’s conscious mind, and his essence through a supernatural telescope. My God, this chapter is God’s intelligence at its best because he allows King David to see him for the father, mother, sibling, spouse, friend, provider, healer, protector, strong tower, covering, rescue mission, shield, shelter, promise keeper, armor, buckler, refuge, citadel, daylight, night light, eyes/perception of night goggles, orders and commands Angels, telephone operator, cellphone network and carrier, tower, the signal on all frequencies and outlets. Channels, Kingdom Vortex, Long Life Giver with addition to our lives, salvation giver, adores, and honor us, satisfaction and actuality of breath, forever on the throne to love on us.

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  • Right on time word. God has been leading me to read Psalms 91 daily since Friday. Amen

    • Blessings Pastor(Light) Aurora, this was some of the notes from our Apostolic Sonday Worship Explosion Radio. It is a Rhema word from the Lord

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Blessings and GM Platinum Eagles, New Things are DECLARED as we enter the month of August. DECLARE NEW THINGS for this 8th Month. It is Written: See, I am doing a NEW THING! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?(Isa 43-vs-19) My new…

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Reminder for Week one" 6/2/14

Hey New Platinum Eagles, all reading materiel, DQ week 1, and week one checkpoint assignment is due tonight at Midnight, whatever time zone you are on. If you have already turned in your checkpoint disregard this message. If you have not…

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Week One is coming to an end" 6/1/14

Blessings New Platinum Eagles, I wanted to let you know we are almost finish with our first week of class.You all are doing such a great job, also if anyone need any assistance with going to class or posting your comments, or where your…

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