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Blessings my Royal Platinum Family, today is 1/11/19. This day comes around twice in a day, and twice in a year. It comes at 1:11 am, and 1:11 pm. It comes 1/11, and 11/1. Every time you see this number, whatever you ask for, pray for, decree, prophecy, yearn for, or desire it shall come to pass. It means, it is in transit, it is in pursuit, and it has reached its final destination in your present possession. 111, means that you are chosen to walk in great Success, read and meditate on(Neh 1:11). It means, that God has chosen you to walk in his designed Purpose. Read and Meditate on(Eph 1:11). This number means: walking in Kingdom Power, having the Kingdom Keys, and Kingdom Dominion in the Universe as it is in the Heavens(Math 6:10). It also means: the Fullness of God, the full measure of God, the Full Recompense of God, the full Reward of God, the full Harvest of God, the full Restoration of God, the full Reimbursement of God, and the Full Retro-pay of God. "It is Written: It was faith that Enoch ascended up to heaven without dying—“ he vanished because God transferred him.”Before he was ascended up, he was a man(human being, just like us) yet he satisfied and delighted God. If you do not have faith, it is unachievable to obey, satisfy, and submit to God. You must know, trust, and have faith, that he is God(I AM, that I AM), and that he is a recompenser, payer, giver, and give bonuses to people, who committed to finding him(Heb 11:5-6 PKDB). God has unleashed a new Kingdom Compensation plan for you, and it shall keep you full, fat, flourish, and satisfied. 111, also mean the walking in the Greater works ability and greater manifestation that Jesus promised in(John 14:12). Expect your Faith to be a Directive, an ordinance of the Authority of God, in the universe/earth realm. It is a Mandate of our Wisdominion Abilities to Manifest a hundredfold miracle, for being obedient to God, his word, and his promises(Mark 10:30). Give thanks to God with all of your heart, his deeds are spectacular. His miracles are unforgettable. He provides food, water, shelter, healing, wealth, joy, love, life, and freedom for those who fear, obey, and listen to him. He always remembers his promise, decree, oath, and spoken word, he has spoken unto you. All his guiding principles, promises, and promises are trustworthy, they will last forever and ever(Meditate on PS 111). HalleluYAH, Praise him continually forever! Agape
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