Blessings my Royal Platinum Eagle LeaderShifters Family, I Am a Ruby Network is having our 7th annual secret Eagle gift exchange giveaway. We are asking everyone, who would like to participate in our yearly Secret Eagle for Christ-Mas to please inbox Prophetess Lapresha Ja'Nae Jamond Alexander or leave a comment in this post by 11/15/20. Anyone can participate, if you love being a Blessing to others, and putting a smile on people's faces.
Also, please let us know what you would like as a potential gift. Then we can forward it to your secret eagle. We thank everyone for their participation and we look forward to making this a fun event as always for our Platinum Eagle Family.
Let's make this global-wide. #IAmARuby

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Blessings and GM Platinum Eagles, New Things are DECLARED as we enter the month of August. DECLARE NEW THINGS for this 8th Month. It is Written: See, I am doing a NEW THING! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?(Isa 43-vs-19) My new…

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Reminder for Week one" 6/2/14

Hey New Platinum Eagles, all reading materiel, DQ week 1, and week one checkpoint assignment is due tonight at Midnight, whatever time zone you are on. If you have already turned in your checkpoint disregard this message. If you have not…

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Week One is coming to an end" 6/1/14

Blessings New Platinum Eagles, I wanted to let you know we are almost finish with our first week of class.You all are doing such a great job, also if anyone need any assistance with going to class or posting your comments, or where your…

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