This is the year where you are walking, talking breathing, and being healthy, wealthy, wise, humbled, loved, and excited about life.

We are millionaire's right now (today) and all the days of our long productive life. Kingdom come riches, that is manifesting from your own self-confidence, and having faith in YAH/God(Math 6:10).

You are valuable in the universe and is a powerful instrument in the Kingdom of God. Decree over yourself right now: I am unforgettable, I am rememberable, and I am investing in myself like I have ever before.

I am going to know God thoughts in a financial kingdom economic, and holistic healthy healing and prosperous way. My imagination is greater than my knowledge. I have the keys to the Kingdom, I have Authority, new Wisdom, Limitless understanding ability, and I am important to God, myself, my family, and others.

I am FLYING ( Forever Learning You Increasing New Greatness). I am Success consciousness in every fragment of my mind, subconscious mind, because it is being renewed, restored, and replenished(Rom 12:1-2).

God in me, is showing me, how to be a shifting and Rejuvenated entrepreneur, that will obtain wealth, prosperity, and abundance all the days of my life.

My Success depends on my mouth, and all the productive, positive words that come from it. Because my tongue is a pen of a ready, skilled, and expert writer(Ps 45:1).

My small plans and desires will Manifest completion because I am delighting myself in the Lord(Ps 37:4).

I am believing in myself, and I am becoming unstoppable. I am walking in a Psychological mental Impartation Shifting from the Heaven's.

I am a powerful Millionaire magnet, with the secrets to money(Deut 8:18).

Every single no(New Open-Doors, New Open-Dimensions, New Opportunities, New Overflow, New Obedience, New Opulence, and New Outstanding Outcomes) is a setup for a YES(Your Everyday Success) waiting to happen and Manifest.

Because it is God promises to me(my everything).Anything I desire and like to have, I take, I no longer restrain myself from any Joy, and I no longer say no to myself(Eccl 2:19).

Thank you YAH for opening  eyes to the spiritual and supernatural truth, that I may behold, wonderful things from your law(Lord Always Win) of the Lord. Therefore, the Universe shall dispense, distribute, and disburse, all that I like to have and desire.

 I am walking and living in the positive Success of my Kingdom belief expeditiously. I am internally Healed and externally Healed. I am internally and externally financially rich with enormous amounts of money with Wealth.

I am internally and externally Apostolic Powerful. I am ALIVE (Anointing Leaps In Victory Everyday) God of Heaven will give me Success in all I do, just like Nehemiah( Neh 2:20) none of these good positive words is ever falling to the ground.

I Decree, Demand, and It is GOOD(Gratitude Opens Opulence Demonstrations). Ne'Eman 
#GodInMeRealm #DimensionalDominionaireDecember

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