Visions of Ezekiel and John

This shows us that both Ezekiel and John saw similar visions. The Old Testament bears out the New Testament. That is why it is important to study both.

   Both were priests or linked to the priesthood                             Ezekiel 1:3               History

   Both were held captive against their will                                    Ezekiel 1:1               Rev. 1:9

   Both were near water when their visions occurred                      Ez. 1:1                     Aegean Sea

   Both saw heaven open and saw visions of God                           Ez. 1:26                   Rev. 4:2

   Both saw the four-faced living creatures                                    Ez. 1:10                   Rev. 4:7

   Both saw the throne of God and the God of the throne               Ez. 1:26                    Rev. 4:3

   Both saw a rainbow around the throne                                      Ez. 1:28                   Rev. 4:3

   Both saw a scroll filled with woes and troubles                           Ez. 2:10                   Rev. 6

   Both were told to eat a scroll and prophesy                               Ez. 3:1                     Rev. 10:9

   Both saw angels mark the heads of the righteous                       Ez. 9:4                     Rev. 7:1-3

   Both saw the judgments strike Israel and Jerusalem                   Ez. 14                      Rev. 11:13

   Both saw a Jewish remnant                                                     Ez. 12:16                  Rev. 12:17

This shows us that the word of God is in correlation throughout the Bible.


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  • Amen and Praise God.  Thank you for breaking down that there is nothing new under the sun.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever more.  We can all see similar visions based on how the Holy Spirit gives it to use according to our faith.   When we read the Gospels they all said the same thing but interpreted in how it was given to them.  We need to get out of the box and allow God so show us His vision and how to interpret it.  Thanks WOG.

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