Are you in expectancy of something big to come your way? Do you believe that in Ps 112-vs-3, when it say Wealth and Riches shall be in your house? What God was saying to you through this powerful MOG? "Think BIG (B.e led by your God given DESIRES. I.nvest in your DREAMS. your EXPECTANCY high) See your success in seeing your SUCCESS!!!"

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  • The game of life can be intimidating and getting involved with something that you love to do, knowing you are not as good as you would like to be, or could be at the current time and be scary.However being apart of a team that would encourage you makes a great deference in a persons life...

    Joel Osteen, States, some are stuck in a rut thinking you've seen your best days, You don't know what God has for you~ just because you don't see away, doesn't mean God haven't  made away... Isaiah 54-

    “Enlarge the place of your tent,
        stretch your tent curtains wide,
        do not hold back;
    lengthen your cords,
        strengthen your stakes.
    For you will spread out to the right and to the left;
        your descendants will dispossess nations
        and settle in their desolate cities.

    “Do not be afraid; you will not be put to shame.
        Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated.
    You will forget the shame of your youth
        and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.
    For your Maker is your husband—
        the Lord Almighty is his name—
    the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
        he is called the God of all the earth

  • This was awesome I hear the Lord saying to me Every good and perfect gift comes from me (God)you have made you petitions known through prayer and supplications and you have Always. Expected the Great from me.Prophetess DeAndra the time is now!! I the Lord your God have not forgotten you. Stand still and see my salvation. I Got You. because you Believe. It is done. I Love you daughter. I have a great expectation for the BIG things to come in my life yes I do believe what Ps 112:3 wealth and riches will come to my house.
  • My God I love Joel Osteen and the way he preaches and encourages the people of God. Another listening too this it left me feeling I can reach the unreachable and the impossible. All that I have thought and have done has caused me to stay in the same place for so long I will adopt the mind of Jabez and reach for the stars. I have thought just like he said others have thought where I feel like may be asking God for to much literally forgetting that he owns it all and that I can't bankrupt him, and I am not doing God nor myself any favors by not asking. He the sermon he quoted a scripture God said "ask of me and I will give you the Nations" SOMETHING BIG IS COMING MY WAY!!!I believe that wealth and riches shall be in my house according to Psalms 112:3 this spoke to me in the aspect of changing my mind set get rid of the stinking thinking so as a Kimberly thinketh then so am I. If I think small then I'll receive small. Enormous blessings!!! Amen and this will not fall too the ground in the name of Jesus.
  • Are you in expectancy of something big to come your way?  Yes, I am not only expecting God to do it, but I claim it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  God is going to do something bigger and better in my life.  I am stepping out on Faith and allowing God to do the New Thing he wants to do in my life!

    Do you believe that in Ps 112-vs-3, when it say Wealth and Riches shall be in your house?  Yes, I do believe in what Psalms 112:3 says.  I claim it and receive it in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.  Wealth and riches shall be in my house, because I am your humble and faithful servant.

    What God was saying to you through this powerful MOG?  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  Go on ahead and step out on Faith my Daughter.  I am there with you and holding your hand every step of the way.  You have dreamed big, I have given you everything to accomplish those big dreams, so go ahead and do it.  You are holding yourself back from obtaining everything I want you to have. Stop putting limits on me, my child!  Stop putting limits on me my Child!  Again, Stop putting limits on me my Child!  My God, I was putting limits on what God was going to do for me!  God wants to give it to me and now, I am ready to have everything God has for me whether it is big or small, I claim it and receive it.  Not Word shall fall to the ground, in Jesus Name, Amen!  Bigger things God has in store for me and I am ready to reach up and grab it!!!!!

  • What God was saying to you through this powerful MOG?  God said that “You cannot make it by yourself! You need my help to succeed! And, you need FAITH!” God is also saying that the Proverbs and Affirmations that He has written will help us to succeed, be encouraged, build our faith, strengthen us and help our unbelief. Pastor Joel Osteen starts with a powerful saying that begins with “This is MY BIBLE! I am what it says I am, I have what it says that I can have…….!”


    God’s plan is to INCREASE us and already has big plans for our future….wealth, health, prosperity, promotion and so much more. We have to come into agreement with what GOD has in store for us. We stand in agreement (covenant) with what GOD has for us and is doing through us. Hallelujah. AMEN.


    Are you in expectancy of something big to come your way?

    Yes, we stand in expectancy of big things coming our way. The Lord has shown us in visions, dreams, signs and wonders that GREAT is coming because of the GREATER WORKS that we shall do! Faith and Works are two of the keys that shall UNLOCK the floodgates, doors, windows, roads, and heavens that shall bring forth life more abundantly and BLESSINGS that we won’t have room enough to receive.


    Enlarge our thinking and start Expecting Increase! This will cause us to break into a new level! Glory! Ask God for His divine guidance and pray for things that will S-T-R-E-T-C-H our Faith! Believe that ALL things are POSSIBLE! We serve a “Far Out” God!


    Do you believe that in Ps 112-vs-3, when it say Wealth and Riches shall be in your house?

    We believe Psalms 112:3 when it says that “wealth and riches shall be in your house” because we are readers, hearers, doers, sowers and believers in God’s Holy Word.


    "Think BIG (B.e led by your God given DESIRES. I.nvest in your DREAMS. your EXPECTANCY high) See your success in seeing your SUCCESS!!!"


    Pastor Prophet Marsha “FIRESTARTER” Jones 03/23/15

  • The earth is the Lord's and they that dwell therein i receive the wealth and rich shall be in my house.Amen
  • When we pray, we should expect results......God said he would supply our E V E R Y   NEED.....He wants us to have the best, we have to stop thinking that we do not deserve the best, that we are not worthy....because we are....we just have to have faith, and learn how to trust and depend upon him...

  • I am expecting some great things from God during this walk. God is so good because this morning when I was copying the 101 Keys of wisdom I made a cover sheet to give to a co-worker who wants to start her own business and Ps 112 verse 3 is what I used before I even saw this. So yes I believe in wealth and riches shall be in my house in Jesus Name. We can never give up on our dreams and we have to press forward regardless of what it looks like, regardless of what it feels like, regardless of what it sounds like  we must trust God. Pastor Joel is so powerful and uplifting. 

  • God has many plans for us, far more than we could ever imagine. How we picture things Gods picture is bigger. I love his quote "something big is coming my way" I know something big is coming my way, bigger Faith, bigger Praise, bigger Worship, bigger Ministry and an increase in my finances. Today I am going to really start believing in the BIGGER things God has in store for me. 

  • Joel reminded us that we serve A Big God! Think like God.....Think Big because He does Big things.. God wants to take us places unimaginable.  We have to get up daily expecting something big from God. He is Kings of Kings.  If you think small you get small.....think big and you get big...put no limitations on God. Honor God with your life. Have Faith that He will and can do it. God wants to expand us. You have to make up your mind that where you are is not where you are gonna stay.  Stop getting discourage and start repeating the negatives.....its a test. God wants to see what we are made of. 

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