Five-Fold Ministry

The Five-Fold Ministry doctrine is derived from Ephesians 4:11 "And He
gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some evangelists; and some,
pastors and teachers;"


Just as the "little a man's hand" (I Kings 18:44) preceeded the flooding rain, the five ministry giftings will preceed the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Holiness and power that the Church of Jesus Christ has ever known.

For almost two thousand years the Church has hobbled about in self-imposed weakness because of Her failure to recognize God's provision for power.

The same preachers who warn us: "Never pray for patience" for "tribulation worketh patience" (Romans 5:3) admonish us to pray and fast for maturity and unity, when our Father's provision is already revealed in Ephesians 4:11-15.

Perhaps their blindness to the truth is motivated by an improper understanding of the ministry gifts. Perhaps they feel that the recognition of these gifts would impose some sort of clerical heirarchy upon the Church. Quite the opposite is true. The function of the ministry gifts and their benefits are like salvation: our Heavenly Father doesn't force salvation on us, our acceptance of Christ as our Savior and all the ensuing benefits is voluntary. The same with the ministry gifts.

Several years ago, I flew to Florida to help my sister-in-law move back to Michigan. Before departing, I gave instructions to a friend to make sure the car was ready for the journey. When I arrived, I discovered that the car which was supposed to haul my sister-in-law and her family as well as a trailer had only four of it's six cylinders functioning. Additionally, the transmission had only second and third gear... no first or reverse! We survived the 1300 mile trip. However, our journey would have much easier had the car been functioning the way it's designers had intended.

As a young Christian, I was told to "read the red" (in other words: study the Gospels, especially the words of Christ). Well, I did. And one thing I learned by studying Jesus' teachings was that He expected the Church to walk in power, unity and maturity. Thirty years later, I can only deduce that today's Church is weak and divided because we are running on only one or two cylinders instead of the five originally intended.

Ministry Gifts in Ephesians 4:11
Responsibility Natural Manifestation
Apostle Doctrine and Discipline Enjoys building things: projects, businesses, etc.
Prophet Discern and Proclaim God's Word. Has a keen (sometimes problematic) sense of Justice.
Evangelist Present the Gospel of Christ to the lost. Enjoys direct contact with people. Most are successful salesmen.
Pastor To care for the everyday needs of the church family Enjoys serving. Loves to have people come to their home.
Teacher Instruct the Church in the practicalapplication of God's Word. Is able to explain complex issues in a way that even a child can understand.

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  • so many times I find myself yearning for the church of old, seeing the five-fold-ministry at work. reading this and being here in the school of prophets, I realize that we are the church of old we just all have to be on one accord and know our position in the body of Christ. We must walk in the spirit and not the flesh . we must keep the lines of communication open so we can hear His voice and follow His lead in the ministry or ministries that He has given us..we must take back what the enemy has tried to steal in the CHURCH...LEARN OUR PLACE and WHO we are in CHRIST... GREAT READING IT GIVES MUCH DIRECTION

  • If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.  ~[Romans 12:6-8]

    Lead ME Lord, Lead ME :-).



  • Praise Our Almighty Father!!!! to all of my Sister from another Mothers, Pastor T,\Pastor LaShawn,  and the other SistersSince I was 7yrs old my Heavenly Father anointed with such power and Love. I accept Christ at &yrs old way before my Mother. It wasn't anyone to guild or train me. I always knew that something was with me and I use to call it the invisiable  man. I was the only and oldest girl. My first experience with a miracle was when I was 8yrs old. On my way to school as always hungry, dirty and lonely. I was talking to my invisiable friend telling it I wish I had money to just buy some candy(which cost 2 for a penny)And it softly go into the store and act like you going to pay for whatever you want, reach into your pocket and pretend that you lost your money in the store. When all the children left the store I ask the Man behind the counter for some candy. He had to bend down to get it so I reached in my pocket as if I was searching and I felt a coin, I pulled it out and it was a quarter. Back then a quarter was a lot of money. The feeling I got I couldn't explain it. For that day I gave a few girls that teased me some thinking they was going to be my friends and stop making fun of me. It only lasted that day. My first time I got the name for my Friend was at a house church that was connected to the rooming house I lived in. In the summer I was the only that were awake and In sit on the top step and watch a few people going inside they would smile at me a say goodmorning,but this one Man said to me  GOD bless you little girl. Wow when he said that I felt that feeling again. Then when those people started singing and clapping their hand and stumping their feet I felt something so supernatural that I started to wish that I can run away from all the horrible things in my life, the rape and molesting, neglect ,abuses  the teasing and all the questions that was racing in my mind. I had a so called God Father that took my brother and me to our first church with new clothes and shoes. I wanted to go everyday. I was about 10yrs old when my Mother started to go to church. I didn't understanding when they dance shouted Hallaluah.This one Sunday I felt the spirit stronger than I ever felt before because I was shouting Thank you Jesus and started to say some other words I couldn't understand and I couldn't stop. I was fully aware of what was happening but I just couldn't control it. The ushers had to carry me out. and this woman whisper in my ear that I didn't belong there because the members didn't understand. I was attending a Baptist Church and every since then I kept quite. I try to commit suicide at 11yrs old and if it wasn't for the police grabbing by the back on my dress with I leap I wouldn't be here. All of my life I was seeking, church hopping and religion searching. I've noticed too that the churches today has fallen away from Holy truth and teaching. They are seeking for money and not soul. As one of the Sisters was saying and I totaling in agreement with that we shouldn't have to leave our city or state to deliver our Fathers word. But I thank him for my phone My Father had use me to reach souls all over the world. By the way I live in a apartment build ing that's next door of a Baptist Church and my son-in-law fail out on the ground. People was yelling call the cops. I had a knee replacement last year and I'm still healing from it, but when I saw my daughter running outside I forgot about all the pain I was in and it was a crown because the church just let out. As I was walking the Spirit said to me put on your Armour! I began to Pray as I walk through the crowd. My daughter was on her knees hold her husband in her arms. I stood over and saw a demon. I started to shout out with authority and power LOOSE HIM DEVIL, HE DON'T BELONG TO, THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU.I COMMAND YOU IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO LOOSE HIM RIGHT NOW LOOSE HIM I SAID RIGHT NOW I BIND YOU UP. And my Daughter begin to put her hand over his heart and repeated saying in the name of JESUS!!! He begin to foam out his mouth, his eyes open and rolled back. And it was if and I was fighting demonic war. I stood flat foot with no fear but angry and Power Commanding it. The church people started to move back with fear on their faces. And suddenly my son-in-law sat looking around. The ambulance came and told me to stand back but I told them you will not understand the spiritual fight is over, he didn't allow them to touch him. Then I told him he got stop playing with God. He's a Elder but he backslided. I may can't get around but I do know that my PURPOSE is here where I live, my Sons, Daughters, My only Brother that is living and other Families, Friends, Enemies and Other Sisters and Brother from another Mothers. AGAPE!!!!!

  • This reading has power in it. Just like God created Adam with all of his faculties, the 5 senses, two legs, two arms etc... Adam functioned in the perfection in which he was created and it worked and served the exacted purpose he was created for. Just like the 5 fold ministry, if parts are missing it's not going to serve in it's entire capacity. There will be lack.

  • You know God can not be contain.. I seen him Bless one person with all the gifts . Its so hard for me to see The Lord do a limited thing.. If he chose to and whenever and whatever he wants the gifts to be known , he can give one person all the gifts if the occation arrives..He is Great and more than able to do Abundently more then our little minds can ever imagine.. Think Large , Think in his Mightiness. And you will understand How Great Is Our God..
  • Weakness comes from lack of knowledge ,(not reading the word) worrying about what others think of us.. and some leaders are just insercure of there faith walk with Christ. They expect that they are able to contorl the Holy Spirit so that their action of a uncertain walk with Christ is justified. Knowing who I am with Christ I have seen the gif do some amazing things..And Christ grace he have allowed me to speak things into exzistings.. I recall the chapter on when the Lord said " and they will come saying ,Lord didnt I cast out devils and demons.. Lord didnt I heal the sick and clothe them..It was then The Lord revealed to me saying.. It was never them ( I did this I did that) It was The Lord who did it all.
  • Weakness comes from lack of knoledge ,(not reading the word)worrying about what others think of us.. and some leaders are just insercure of there faith walk with Christ. They expect that they are able to contorl the Holy Spirit so that their action of a uncertain walk with Christ is justified. Knowing who I am with Christ I have seen the gif do some amazing things..And Christ grace he have allowed me to speak things into exzistings.. I recall the chapter on when the Lord said " and they will come saying ,Lord didnt I cast out devils and demons.. Lord didnt I heal the sick and clothe them..It was then The Lord revealed to me saying.. It was never them ( I did this I did that) It was The Lord who did it all.
  • I agree that today's church is weak and divided. I believe the pastors lack understanding in the power of the five fold Ministry. Someone recently told me she understands why her pastor doesn't like speaking in tongues in his church. RIDICULOUS! Why would you not want to speak to the Father in His heavenly language? With pastors teaching flock things as this, this is why the "todays"church lack power.
  • I love the way this is broken down and how it will help many understand who they are and how they operate in the body. Often many are confused because they don't know their identities in Christ and in the church. This will help someone be able to learn who they are and understand how to function in their gift.

    The Five-Fold ministry is essential in the body of Christ. Each gift plays a vital role in how the church is to be ran and so many churches have turned away from this and this is why things are so chaotic. If the church identifies who their leaders are and place them in the positions they need to be in and allow them to use their gifts, I believe order will be set and things will move according to God's purpose. 

  • This was very informative and very well put together.Thank you ! Awesome
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